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31. May 2013: Botilleria y Fogón Sacha

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PHANTASMAGORIAL! MIND-BLOWING! INCREDIBLY GOOD! You would never find this place “by coincidence”, I can guarantee you! I read about it in the book (see review) “Where the chefs eat”. It was the first place I have tried so far – and I must say, it won’t be the last! But first things first. I booked a table about 6 weeks in advance and it was a good decision to do so. Arriving at 8:55pm (so only 5 minutes early) was not such a good idea though – the place is pretty much not open and the staff is having dinner. Arriving there the second time at 9:25pm, the place was still empty.

But now enough about administrative matters – I started with “Alcachofas Fritas” (EUR 13.50 on the menu, billed with EUR 13.75) which are basically just fried artichokes but damn were they tasty! I honestly never thought that something simple like that could be as tasty!


Then I had “Riñones de Ciboulette” (EUR 18.50) as a main course. And well, they were fine, no question but my company had something so damn incredibly tasty, I had to order it as a “pre-dessert”.


The “Solomillo” (EUR 10.88) which is basically beef filet was amazing. The meat was of absolutely incredible texture, taste and prepared perfectly. I ate it in small pieces so it would last longer! Honestly, I never got the shivers from meat but this still gives me a chill thinking about it! It is so mouth-watering tasty – you can only understand when you’ve had it! When you go to Madrid, I can absolutely recommend you to come here – it is mind-blowing!


For dessert I went again for something I did not quite know – “Crema de Guanabana” (EUR 5.50) which is a fruit which you can usually only find in South America (they are importing it frozen) and I must say that it had a very interesting taste I have never experienced before.


Even the “Cubierto” (cover charge, EUR 2.50) is worth its money – as you do not get bread only as usually in restaurants but you also get salt-coated almonds which are a fine start into the evening.


You got one waiter which is dedicated to your table – and he really is dedicated to your table. Our waiter was approximately 60 years old and you could easily see he has been working in this place for years. During the whole evening he was usually quite quiet and did not talk much but made a good job servicing. At some points he kind of lightened up though – for example when I asked him, which wine he would recommend. He recommended the “Hacienda Monasterio, 2009, Ribera del Duero” (EUR 39.00) which is one of the pricier bottles on the menu which …


… – by the way is quite interestingly built out of loose sheets of papers. And it was a blast! The wine is heavy, has a strong alcoholic background which you don’t taste though but the wine is thick, intense, just amazing! Compared to other wines it is really strong though – more than a bottle for two is not recommendable.


The place is just absolutely lovely – being pretty much the only tourists, you can only find locals who stroll in around 10pm, are saluted by the boss himself, and then dine there for hours. The place has been living – you can find old photographs and paitings on the walls and the combination of blue and white provides you with this kind of “Greek coast” feeling!


Last but not least, the prices are pretty fair too looking at the dishes and especially how amazing the “Solomillo” was! But this is also applicable to the beverages starting with the wine going to 0,75L water (EUR 3.50), an espresso (EUR 2.50) or a glass of white wine as a starter (EUR 3.50).

There is nothing more to say but: If you go to Madrid, book a table at this restaurant way in advance! You won’t regret it! Perfectly located, almost only locals, honest, old-fashioned service, and last but not least, absolutely mind-blowing food! I cannot say anything more but: I loved it!!!


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Botilleria y Fogón Sacha

Calle Juan Hurtado de Mendoza 11

in the backyard

28036 Madrid (E)

Tel.: +34 91 345 59 52

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