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13. July 2013: Restaurant Le Soliat

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When you have reached the Creux-du-Van by foot you definitely deserve to eat something – I was looking very much forward to a Fondue Bourgignon but unfortunately we were told that this is not possible anymore because they had run out of it. Well, interestingly enough they sitll served fondue quite some time later. So: service is already a big minus!

Lacking other possibilities we ordered a “Assiette de jambon cru et viande séchée” (CHF 26.00; plate of dried meats and cold cuts). Well, while the meat was actually fine charging CHF 26.00 for it is more than a rip-off. Also considering the amount which was on the plate.


Secondly, we figured something else should be eaten, so asked for a “Portion de fromage avec pain” (CHF 9.00; a portion of cheese with bread). Well, okay, we got quite some cheese for CHF 9.00, no question, but somehow we would have preferred to get a selection of different cheeses than just one. In any case, at least it was tasty.


The service itself is definitely not outstanding – you have to go inside, queue, order, grab a number, put it on your table and wait and wait and wait! Once everything is – finally after quite some time – brought to your table your drink is empty and you have to inside to order yet another one. When I did so and ordered a cidre, I was told “sorry, we run out of it” just followed by “just joking”. I mean, seriously? What kind of “sale” is this?

The place itself is rather simple, wooden benches which could presumably be quite nice if you would actually get a fondue! And of course the restaurant has one huge benefit – it is located at the top of the Creux-du-Van and if you want to drink or eat anything, you pretty much have to stay there! Other than that, I definitely cannot really recommend it!


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Restaurant Le Soliat


2108 Couvet (CH)

Tel.: +41 32 863 31 36

Homepage: http://www.lesoliat.ch

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