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14. September 2013: Schloss Grafenegg

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The start of the evening was promising and so it went on – the “Gillardeau oyster with cucumbers, nut butter and caviar” was tasty, a bit salty but intense and the nut butter somehow brought in a balancing element.


The “char with lime, leek and cress” was tender but not as tender as I expected it to be. The fish is aromatic and the refinement with lime and cresse makes it a sound dish as a starter. Served with a “Grüner Veltliner, 2012, “Rosenberg” from Mörwald, Feuersbrunn, vineyard Wagram” which was refreshing it was a perfect fit.


Next was “Jerusalem artichoke with beef marrow, chickweed and caviar of the field” – the wrapped marrow was of intense taste and overall just a nice dish. The served Riesling “Tradition”, 2005, Schloss Gobelsburg from Kamptal was definitely a nice in combination with the dish.


After this, the “confit guinea fowl joint with Madeira, cabbage sprouts and truffles” was more of a truffeled soup which was strongly tasting like truffels but in a positive way. The guinea fowl joint was a tender and tasty add on to the broth. The “Blauer Zweigelt Gigama, Leth, Fels, Wagram, 2011” fit perfectly. It was smooth but intense and complemented the truffles quite good so.


The “veal cheeks with artichokes, citrus and cabbage” was absolutely tender – it was basically diverging the moment you put your fork there. And it was so incredibly smooth when you ate it – absolutely lovely!


The “Dirdnl sorbet with rose, baiser and explorateur” was something I have never had in my life. I mean, yeah, sure I have had sorbet quite often but not with this kind of cheese-a-like underlying thing. It was just a weird combination mixing sorbet which was cold and sweet with some cheese-like-tasting something which was warm, thick, creamy – but somehow it was still quite tasty. The “Foggathal No. 18, ZW/CS/ME, Fritsch, Oberstockstall, Wagram, 2009” was fitting the dessert quite well.


The last official course that night was “raspberry with ginger, lychee and pericon” which was fine, but somehow a bit disappointing after the other courses. It just somehow lacked the intensity the previous ones had. The “Chardonnay ‘Kreuzgang’, Anton Bauer, Feuersbrunn, Wagram, 2011” was a good match for the dish though rounding it up ideally.


Last but not least, the “Friandises” were served. Nice selection of chocolates but Austrians should not focus on chocolates – they should focus on other things as they were fine but somehow just not as good as Swiss chocolate.


The decoration of the table was simple but practical and very nice too. The room was incredibly full of atmosphere, tradition, beautifully decorated, just lovely. The service is almost perfect – minor flaws with regards to attention (e.g. refilling wine and water glasses) but besides that, definitely great service.


But it is not only the inside which is truly breath-taking, so is the outside! The castle is absolutely stunning and …


… the courtyard where we had the apéro is as great!


Overall, the Schloss Grafenegg is worth visiting – it is about 70 kilometers from Vienna, so it is quite a ride but it is worth the ride as the place is absolutely amazing, the dishes are quite good, the price is heavy but then again you get what you pay for and last but not least, the service is good. Personally, I think it is more than worth going!


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Schloß Grafenegg

Grafenegg 10

3485 Grafenegg (AT)

Tel.: +43 27 35 55 00

E-Mail: office@grafenegg.com

Homepage: https://www.grafenegg.com

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