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11. October 2013: Restaurace Čestr

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Absolutely great place! The Restaurace Čestr was recommended to me, so I figured I should give it a try – and it was definitely worth it. Despite the fact that the weather was crappy and I was almost soaking wet when I got there, it was absolutely great! It started with an amuse bouche which was basically some creme fraiche on bread. So the start was not really mind-blowing.


But then I decided to try the “three course menu” (CZK 595, approx. CHF 28.80) where you can pick a starter, a roast and a steak. So I went for the “Čestr Steak Tartare, toasts, minced topside, capers, onion, cream, egg yolk and seasoning, sunflower oil” (usually CZK 178, approx. CHF 8.60). The tartare was nicely prepared and it was tasty – good actual start.


Next was a “chuck Tender, marinated in hot pepper paste (150gr)” (usually CZK 208, approx. CHF 10.05) which was tender, aromatic and the hot pepper paste was smoothly spicy without being overwhelming – yet a good next course.


That was obviously not the whole dish as it came with one side dish. I picked – for this course – “creamy mashed potatoes” (usually CZK 58, approx. CHF 2.80). Usually, I am really not a big fan of mashed potatoes but they were actually quite good.


My last course of the menu was “hanging tender, internal muscle of spicy flavour, aged for 28 days in vacuum (125gr)” (usually CZK 258, approx. CHF 12.50) which was served with yet another side dish, in this case “home-made chips fried in sunflower oil” (usually CZK 58, approx. CHF 2.80) and “Sauce Perigord” (usually CZK 39, approx. CHF 1.90). The meat was tender, aromatic, had a nice grill-taste. The fries were a bit stroppy but still okay and the Perigord sauce was – too my personal taste – almost a bit too intensely tasting like truffles.


Although I was almost unable to try yet another course, I just had to try the “home made ice cream with three flavours (dark beer, plum, apple sorbet)” (CZK 38 per scoop, approx. CHF 1.85). Weird combination you say? Right you are! I picked dark beer because I wanted to try it and the other two as a kind of backup solution in case I wouldn’t like dark beer. But actually, I did. I mean, it definitely has a distinct taste – and especially the after taste is exactly like if you drink dark beer – something one needs getting used to.


Obviously, the prices are more than fair (from a Central European perspective) which also applies to the beverages: double espresso (CZK 58, approx. CHF 2.80), beer 0,5L (49 CZK, approx. CHF 2.35), water 1L (CZK 35, approx. CHF 1.70) and a bottle of “Alibernet, 2011, Strekov 1075, 0,75L” for CZK 888 (approx. CHF 42.95). Now, the wine was a local one and it was definitely tasty (didn’t expect so!). What was actually really amazing though was the guy who served the wine – he was so dedicated, so passionate, so loving his job – it was a pleasure watching him what he was doing! Just great!


The service is generally really outstanding – they are all dedicated, passionate, love what they do and you can easily see that it is a pleasure for them to work. No grumpy faces, just smiling and happy people. Absolutely lovely! And the fact that the place is open, spacious and very nicely designed and furnitured adds to the whole thing! It is just a great restaurant: great place, people who do their job real good and are passionate about it, very good dishes and absolutely not expensive!


Another nice thing is the fact that with your menu comes a card which shows from which parts of the cow the meat is – it is more the category of fun fact but makes it interesting nevertheless!


Overall, I absolutely loved the place! Great food, great atmosphere, great service, great everything! You have to go if you go to Prague – no way around it!


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Restaurace Čestr

Legerova 57/75

110 00 Praha (CZ)

Tel.: +420 222 727 851

E-Mail: cestr@ambi.cz

Homepage: http://cestr.ambi.cz

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