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12. October 2013: Restaurace SaSaZu

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The “Bang Chang Morning Shrimps (Shrimps, Pomelop, Kemiri Nuts, Basil, Roasted Coconut, Kaffir lime sauce)” (255 CZK, approx. CHF 12.75) are aromatic and the dried basil with the nuts provides the dish with a nice consistency and crunchiness. The dip is pretty tasty too – slightly spicy, definitely a good choice to start the evening.


As a main, I had the “Mafia Duck (Vietnamese grilled duck, bean noodles, thirteen spice, grilled Banh Da, brocolli, Togarashi)” (385 CZK, approx. CHF 19.25) and I must say the duck was absolutely tasty. I do not know what sauce exactly they cooked it in but it was definitely very mouth-watering. The crunchi crackers with the sauce were quite fine too – not as outstanding as the duck though.


The “SaSaZu fries with wasabi mayonnaise” (65 CZK, approx. CHF 3.25) were overall pretty fine. They were not as crispy as you want fries to be but they were okay and the wasabi mayonnaise was nicely spicy, so overall quite good.


The only thing which was definitely a downer for me was the dessert, the “Sasazu Crème brûlée” (175 CZK, approx. CHF 8.75). It looked nice, no question, the mango and mint leaves on top added to that feeling of looking nice but I must admit it was definitely not tasty. The crème was definitely not what a crème brûlée is usually made of and the adding of sesame is something one has to get used to. Overall, not a great ending of the dinner.


When it comes to the food, I must say, the place kept its promise. Overall great food, only the last course was not what I expected it to be – other than that, absolutely recommendable. Also price-wise it is quite fine – I mean, it is definitely expensive for Prague but it is acceptable overall given the quality of the food. The same applies for the beverages (Perrier, 1L, 165 CZK, approx. CHF 8.25; a bottle of Dunja Barique DSC, 0,75L, 750 CZK, approx. CHF 37.50).

But let me say a few words about the rest of the SaSaZu. Okay, the atmosphere is actually quite great, to be entirely honest. The place is atmospheric, the crowd is good, the decoration is nice and overall, you feel comfortable.


But now comes the parts I did not like: I booked a table in August for October and I got it confirmed. Now when we arrived on time (!), we were told that our reservation has been cancelled! Two notes to that, noone of our group had the reservation cancelled and secondly I have not been informed beforehand that the reservation was apparently cancelled. Somehow they managed to give us a table until 10pm (we arrived around 8:30pm) which I consider already an insult to be honest but well, you take what you get.

Obviously not pleased with the situation we sat down and then the next strike hit – the service. Okay, to be fair there were several waiters and one of them did a good job. But the rest, oh my effing god (!), I haven’t seen something like that in a very long time! The waiters were unorganized, not necessarily friendly, the dessert was just placed in the middle of the table instead of in front of you. The waiter did not even ask who had ordered dessert but just pretty much threw it there!

Not surprisingly, I complained and wanted to talk to the restaurant manager. And now I must say, that he handled it quite professionally. He actually listened to what I had to say and reacted accordingly by offering a bottle of red wine for free for the group (Château Maucoil, 2012). I mean, it does not make the bad service and initial treatment any better, that was still crappy, but at least he handled it professionally.

So, hm, let me summarize, great location, great food and given those two I tend to say fair price performance ratio although obviously expensive for Prague. But the service and treatment in the beginning is just a very big no go! As apparently I seemed to be the first and only unsatisfied customer that night I guess it is not always like that, so my personal recommendation is to give it a try despite the service experience I had but make sure that you call ahead again if your reservation is still there!


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Restaurace SaSaZu

Bubenské nábřeží 306/13

170 04 Praha (CZ)

Tel.: +420 285 097 455

Cell: +420 284 097 455

E-Mail: restaurant.supervisor@sasazu.com

Homepage: http://www.sasazu.com

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