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28. December 2013: Restaurant Nar Steak & Döner

| December 30, 2013 | 1 Comments

The Restaurant Nar Steak & Döner is located close to the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque – therefore, it is quite touristic but nevertheless it is quite okay. I started with “Humus” (10 TRL) which was tasty …


… but basically the freshly baked pita bread which was served with it really made my day. The bread looks huge at first but is basically nothing but a large hot bubble of hot air. Absolutely yummy!


Unfortunately, the main course did not exactly match the starter. The “Adana Usulu Acisiz Kebap” (the so called ‘Kebap from Adana; with minced lamb and beef marinated with spices served with grilled tomatoes, green peppers and pounded wheat rice and pita bread for 26.5 TRL) was fine but the meat was extremely greasy. Taste-wise the combination of lamb and beef is not really my favourite but it was okay.


The Turkish Tea (3.50 TRL) though was really worth trying – great taste and something truly outstanding. The atmosphere of the place is – despite touristic – quite nice. The furniture is appealing and the place provides a certain warmth.


The waiters are friendly, jovial, helpful and actually quite quick. There is nothing to complain about the service and I must say that I had expected far worse when entering the place. What I was wondering while eating there was the fact that the food was almost always brought in from outside – until I realised …


… when leaving the restaurant again – the kitchen is in the house right next to it and you have the possibility to watch the chefs while they are preparing the food. Generally a good sign!


Overall, the Restaurant Nar Steak & Döner is a fine place – nothing special but given the location I must admit that the place is quite fine to visit and if you are hungry after a long walk, it is more than fine. The only unpleasant thing – which applies to all restaurants in Istanbul though – is the fact that 10% tax are added to your bill at the end. I mean, fine, they have to but it would be nice if it was stated somewhere on the menu.


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Restaurant Nar Steak & Döner

Divanyolu Caddesi

Ticarethane Sok No. 37


34400 Fatih / İstanbul (TR)

Tel.: +90 212 514 00 29

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  1. Nida says:

    Most deceiving and un-realistic restaurant. I have been traveling to Istanbul for three years in a row. Every trip is about 15 to 20 days long but the most horrible deceptive dinner I ever had in my life was at this place. We were greeted and seated by the waiter under drugs. You order something and he forgets…this happened three time in a row. No water was offered. Be ready–you will be charged for even salt and pepper! We placed a large order of big steaks for 5 people worth hundreds of dollars; the order arrived with out any sauce at all. Any respected steakhouse serves you the sauce next to the steak. We were shocked and requested the condiments. 20 minutes later, after we almost finished the steak, he brought us mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard in tiny bowls- drop, drop, drop! Later on we discovered they charged us for it. The point here is the principal. At a supposed to be a classy steakhouse, you are spending 100s of dollars and waiter doesn’t remember his time and place? And sneaky to the point they itemize everything! Bottom line is you will find out a lot of cheating in the bill. Get away! get away! get away! Horrible experience.

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