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29. December 2013: Restaurant Sunset Grill & Bar

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The Sunset Grill & Bar is an In-Restaurant in Istanbul and I frankly understand why – great view all over the Bosphorus, truly stunning. I mean, I do understand why people go and dine here: because the view is breath-taking. But, frankly, although the Sunset is part of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs which raised my expectations quite a bit – they were not met. First, I had my reservation confirmed via email but when I arrived there, there was no reservation to be found but they managed to provide us with a table – and even offered us one with a nice view in the smoking area. As some of our party wanted to dine early we went there at 7pm which was obviously too early so we were sent to the bar.


While the bar part is definitely nice, and the “Sunset Martini” (30.00 TRL – Russian Standard, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Purree, Green Apple Syrup) is tasty and fits well with the …


… “olives and nuts” served, the rest of the evening did not go according to plan.


The starter, a “Special Mixed Sushi Set” (59.00 TRL) was still quite fine …


… but I actually liked the plate which was served to eat the sushi the most. I mean, the sushi was fine but it lacked somehow a bit in being outstanding.


Still, the sushi is freshly prepared and you can also watch the sushi chefs how they prepare the sushi (which is usually a good sign).


What I personally definitely considered very odd was the fact that the “bread and dip” were served after the starter. My assumption is that they just forgot to serve it in the beginning which can happen (but of course shouldn’t) but if you forget so why even bringing it after the starter anymore?


The “T-Bone Steak” (84.00 TRL) from the charcoal grill with “Rosemary Flavored Potato Gratin with Truffle Salt” (10.00 TRL) was the best course of the night. As ordered, it was served “medium-rare” – so no complaint about the preparation. While the grilled side of the meat was aromatic and had a nice charcoal grill taste the rest of the meat was fine but nothing special. The gratin was very smooth and had a very subtle taste of truffled salt.


To finalize the evening, I had a “Turkish Coffee” (12.00 TRL) and a Limoncello which was offered by the restaurant. The restaurant itself is also nicely furnished inside – a nice mixture between modern and somehow still providing an element of tradtionality.


A last word about the service – the waiters were friendly, ours was called “Bon Appetite” as he said “Bon Appetite” to every move he made – no matter if he brought something to the table or if he took something from the table. To sum it up, having a drink at the Sunset Bar is definitely recommendable, dining at the Sunset Grill not that much – especially as the prices are definitely more Zurich level than Istanbul level.


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Restaurant Sunset Grill & Bar

Adnan Saygun Caddesi

Yol Sokak No. 2

Ulus Parki

34340 Ulus / Istanbul (TR)

Tel.: +90 212 287 03 57 58

E-Mail: info@sunsetgrillbar.com

Homepage: http://sunsetgrillbar.com

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