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30. December 2013: Restaurant Topaz

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I started the traditional Ottoman degustation menu with wine pairing (210.00 TRL) with a glass of “Sarafin, Sauvignon Blanc, 2012” (27.00 TRL) which was smooth. The degustation menu started then with a “Wedding soup with lamb, sautéed almond, young vegetable and dried mint oil”. The soup was thick, heavy and aromatic at the same time and the lamb was smooth and tender.


Next were the “seasonal young vegetables in olive oil” which was served with “Kav, Narince, 2012”. While the vegetables were smooth and somehow refreshing, the wine was rather dull. Also, unfortunately, the wine was not served at the table but you were just brought a glass without any explanation or the like.

2013 12 30 - Istanbul Topaz 02

The next course, accompanied by a “Suvia, Cabarnet Sauvignon, Cabarnet Franc, Roze, 2012”, a “palace style ‘piruhi’ (Turkish ravioli) with partridge, strained yoghurt, walnuts, sweet pepper foam” was actually quite great. The ravioli itself was just somehow dipped in a tomato sauce which was rather boring – but in combination with the yoghurt, the walnuts and the sweet pepper foam, it made quite a dish!

2013 12 30 - Istanbul Topaz 04

The “Selendi Merlot, Cabarnet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Cabarnet Franc, 2011” was served to “stuffed vine leaves with minced meat and sour cherry and ‘Afyon’ buffalo yoghurt”. The acidity of the sour cherries provided shivering effects down my back – and the well-balanced stuffed wine leaves with the ‘Afyon’ buffalo yoghurt and the sour cherries provided a fine combination.

2013 12 30 - Istanbul Topaz 06

While the menu did not give away which sorbet was to be served, the “pomegranate sorbet” was actually really good. It had somehow a crunchy effect – although I was not quite able to put my finger on it, I must say it was somehow just very special – in a positive way.

2013 12 30 - Istanbul Topaz 07

The “baked baby lamb, mastic flavoured char-grilled eggplant, wild mushroom lamb gravy” which was served with a “Karma Cabernet Sauvignon, Öküzgözü, 2011” was good because it was very smooth, almost disembling by itself. But the taste of lamb was – for my personal gusto – a bit too intense.

2013 12 30 - Istanbul Topaz 10

The last course, served with “Safir, Misket, 2011”, was a “Ekmek kadayifi, Ayfon buffalo milk clotted cream with sour cherry compote” which was a typical Turkish dessert – and it was extremely sweet but quite tasty. The wine was nicely dry and had only a subtle hint of sweetness.

2013 12 30 - Istanbul Topaz 11

What is truly amazing about the Restaurant Topaz is the view you have onto the Bosphorus – you can see the “Bogazici” bridge as well as the Dolmabahce Mosque which provide a marvelous picture both being illuminated.


The prices are quite fair for what you get (which also applies to the beverages, e.g. 0,75L Premium Sparkling Water, 10.50 TRL) and the service is good too – everything is very professionally handled but somehow the passion is missing, there is no interaction with the client but just putting things here. Overall, the dishes are fine, the view is breath-taking, the service is good and the prices are fair.


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Restaurant Topaz

Ömer Avni Mh.

İnönü Caddesi No. 50

34437 Beyoğlu / Istanbul (TR)

Tel.: +90 212 249 10 01

Fax: +90 212 249 43 10

E-Mail: info@topazistanbul.com

Homepage: http://www.topazistanbul.com

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