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22. March 2014: Restaurant Accademia del Gusto

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Starting a lunch with an “artichoke flan with Parmesan Sbriciolona and basil sauce, served with a Calabrian pork roulade” is definitely a good idea. The artichoke flan was placed on crispy dough, smooth and aromatic. The “pork roulade” which was more a bacon-artichoke roulade provided a pleasantly salty flavour. The basil sauce rounded up the dish perfectly. The “Capitel Foscarino 2012, Anselmi, Veneto” (CHF 65.00) was the perfectly smooth white wine which fit both, to the starter and the next course.


The “primo piatto” was mouth-wateringly tasty. The “veal ravioli with a bison mozzarella cream” just triggered all your taste buds and made them jig happily together – perfectly aromatic! And one round was not enough, if you were still hungry after the first three ravioli you were offered a second round and yes, they were as tasty as the first!


The main course was a “grilled US Entrecôte with black truffles and rosemary jus, served with Cotechino-potato Mille Feuilles”. The meat was aromatic and of high quality, nicely medium to medium-rare, the black truffles were generously applied, yet to be honest too subtle in taste for my personal gusto. Still, the rosemary jus was incredibly aromatic and the mille feuilles was actually a nice little potato and cotechino (kind of a salami) tower; aromatic but too dry for my taste. The asparagus on the other hand was cooked perfectly. The accompanying wine was a “Notte e San Martino 2008, Famiglia Olivini, Lombardia” (CHF 80.00) which was almost as intense as an Amarone and provided a nice wooden note – aromatic and rich made it an ideal fit for the meat.


When I read the menu, I was curious what the “Accademia surprise dessert” was going to be. Although I still do not know the name – already its appearance was highly appealing …


… and once the liquid chocolate was poured over it, it became irresistible. The little ball of chocolate was filled with vanilla ice cream, pieces of pears, and hot chocolate fudge – an absolutely delicious combination – and I say that although I am not a big fan of chocolate!


Finally, the lunch was concluded with double espresso, Bric del Gaian Grappa (15.00 CHF for 2cl) and Friandises. The place was filled with 68 people having lunch and I must say it comes close to a little miracle to simultaneously provide dishes for this large amount of people while maintaining the quality! Chapeau! The place itself is nice and comfortable.


The service does a good job – generally speaking but as the amount of people was quite high and most of them are quite demanding, it required a bit of patience to get your glass of water refilled or get a new glass or bottle of wine. Overall though, I’d say the dishes even improved since I’ve been here the last time.


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Restaurant Accademia del Gusto

Rotwandstrasse 48

8004 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 241 62 43

Fax: +41 44 241 42 07

E-Mail: info@accademiadelgusto.ch

Homepage: http://www.accademiadelgusto.ch

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