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16. October 2009: Restaurant Alfredo’s Gallery

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“Alfredo’s Gallery” is located close to the Piazza Navona and to the river Tiber. It’s easy reachable if you go off the metro stop “Spagna” and walk around 5 to 10 minutes until you’re there. Watch out that you’re aware of the fact that the street numbers aren’t alternating but they’re increasing in a circle (that’s just to avoid what happened to me that you accidently walk down the whole street until you realize on the other side of the street the numbers keep increasing if you walk back).

When you enter the restaurant it looks cosy from the beginning on. It seems to be a place where celebrities dinned from time to time as the walls are hung with pictures of famous people from all over the world. And you actually believe it (I don’t know if it’s true or not) when you sit there and look around.

Alfredo's Gallery

The waiters are friendly but it really depends on which one you get: One was really not as friendly as the other one. Still, all of them are on high skill level. In the end, there’s not much to complain about with regards to the waiters – just: Smile a bit more, it’d help!

The ambiente in the restaurant is nice and warm. It makes you feel home and cosy. The dishes are served within reasonable time and are very tasty. The primo piatto “Risotto with melon and scampi” tasted very rich – as the melon gave it a special taste which was kind of sweet. The main dishes chosen were not bad as well: especially the beef fillet with the anchovies was delicious. Only the side dish “roasted patatoes” didn’t reach the high-end sector.

Beef Fillet

On the other hand, the desert was very sweet and tasty which in combination with a double espresso and a good-filled glass of grappa made it up for the patatoes.


It was a bit disappointing though that they only had one grappa to offer (even though this one was good). This is a sector they could definitely improve in.

Grappa & Espresso @Alfredo's Gallery

On the other hand, the wine card was amazingly large and had an appropriate selection of very good wines: Reaching from a 450 Euro Gaja to 20 Euro wines. The recommendation given to us by the waiter we followed and we weren’t disappointed, they know something about wine, I have to admit.

In the end, the enjoyment of a dinner isn’t cheap but it’s absolutely worth it if you love good food. Including wine, 100 Euro per person should be calculated though if you go through all the courses.

4 Sterne

Contact Details:

Alfredo’s Gallery

via della Scrofa 104/a

00186 Rome (IT)

Tel.: +39 06 68 80 61 63

Fax: +39 06 68 64 519

Homepage: http://www.alfredosgallery.com

E-Mail: info@alfredosgallery.com

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