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29. May 2014: Restoran Baltazar

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I did not expect much of the Croatian kitchen but I must say that my first contact with Croatian food was a truly pleasant one. The Blacklane.com limousine driver recommended this place when I asked him about where locals go. And we were the only tourists entering this place at 2:30pm but it was still absolutely crowded with locals. To dive into the Croatian food culture, I started with a glass of “Malvazija Coronica” from Istria (35 KRN, approx. CHF 5.60) which was refreshing and rich.

As a little welcome from the kitchen, a plate with “mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and onion sprouts” was served which was friendly but not entirely persuading so my expectations (which I did not have) were met at first.


As I decided to go for something truly local, my first real course was “Boiled Salty Cheese Strudel from Zagorje” (Zapepeceni Zagorski Strukli, 30 KRN, approx. CHF 4.80) and I must say it was tasty (but also quite heavy and would have easily served as a main course). I initially intended to order the baked version but the waiter kindly informed me that this would take more than 30 minutes for the dish to be prepared (which I consider very friendly).


My main course was “grass-fed beefsteak, 18 months aged, 250gr) (150 KRN, approx. CHF 24.10) which was not really 250gr I would say but at least it was aromatic and tasty. The meat was of good quality but it is important to order a side dish as else it is pretty empty when you have only the meat.


Therefore, I had ordered “Fried Onion Rings” (Przeni Kolutici Luka, 25 KRN, approx. CHF 4.00) which have been forgotten by the waiter. At least they were here within a couple of minutes and I must say that they were quite good as they did not have this thick layer of dough you often see but a rather fine and slim one which made them more onion-like tasting than providing the taste of something fried.


To the main course, I had to try a glass of Croatian red wine and went for the “Zlatan Plavac Plenkovic, 2010” from Hvar (35 KRN, approx. CHF 5.60 per glass) and I must say it was rich and full-bodied and very pleasantly tasty. To sum it up, my first touch with Croatian food was a pleasant one – in all ways. The restaurant itself is lovely …


… the waiters are friendly and helpful (although forgetting about my fried onion rings order) …


… the food is good and last but not least, the prices are almost paradise. I mean, if you look at the food prices everything is ridiculously cheap for the quality served and the same applies to the beverages (0,75L water, 25 KRN, approx. CHF 4.00; espresso, 10 KRN, approx. CHF 1.60) and the cover charge (12 KRN, approx. CHF 1.90).


If you are in Zagreb and want to have a good start with the Croatian kitchen, I can absolutely recommend you the Restoran Baltazar – lovely place, good food, very fair prices, and dedicated service. One hint with regards to payment and tipp: it is absolutely no problem to pay by any kind of credit card but you can’t tipp the waiter with the credit card (they are legally not allowed to put tipp on the credit card bill) so make sure you always have some cash with you when you go to a restaurant and intend to tipp the waiter.


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Restoran Baltazar

Nova ves 4

10 000 Zagreb (HR)

Tel.: +385 14 66 69 99

Fax: +385 14 66 68 25

E-Mail: restoran@restoran-baltazar.hr

Homepage: http://www.restoran-baltazar.hr

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