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30. May 2014: Restoran Trilogija

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My experience at the Restoran Trilogija was quite an interesting one. At first I was absolutely disappointed but with time (and more wine) the impression got better and better. But first things first. I had booked the table in advance (which is a necessity as they are basically fully booked every day) which ensured me to have a table. When seated I realized that there are only Americans in the restaurant which was a bit surprising as usually – sorry, no offense – they are not the best indicator of good food.

After waiting for a good 15 minutes without being served or even handed a menu the waiter finally showed up and asked us about the wine we wanted for aperitivo. Well, ordering different white wines was apparently too much so we were all served the same white wine (Sember, Riesling, 2012, 15 KRN, approx. CHF 2.40 per glass). Later, waiting another five minutes, the bread arrived – but only when I saw that the other tables had olive oil served I asked for it (and was served it immediately).

So, my first impression was definitely not the best one … but then the waiter explained that the menu changes daily as only ingredients freshly picked from the market in the morning are used. Therefore, I was ready to ignore what had happened initially and listened interested to the menu. I decided to go for the “Octopus Salad” (68 KRN, approx. CHF 10.95) as a starter. The octopus was fresh, aromatic and not chewy at all and the salad was nicely served with lemon ensuring a nice flavour.


After the first course I had the chance to listen to another waiter explaining the people at the next table that they also have a tasting menu which enfuriated me as this option was not even mentioned when the menu was presented to me. So, I called the waiter and asked him why this was not offered and if it is still possible to change. While he was at first not so happy about it he presented the menu and the choice was to be made between meat and fish and as I had started with the octopus I went for the fish menu.

The next course was “sardines with spinach” (60 KRN, approx. CHF 9.65) which were simple but nice in taste and went quite well with the accompanying red wine (Josic, 36 KRN, approx. CHF 5.80 per glass).


The next course was a “sea-bass grilled with green beans in courscous enriched with almonds and served with a cauliflower purree” (90 KRN, approx. CHF 14.45). The sea-bass was quite okay as the skin was nicely crispy and aromatic but there is room for improvement. The green beans with couscous and almonds was actually quite outstanding and flavourful. The cauliflower purree was decent in taste. The accompanying wine, a “Grota, Merlot, 2012” fit well with the dish but was too light for my gusto.


Next was yet another fish, this time a “sea trout with sweet corn, tomatoes and avocado” (96 KRN, approx. CHF 15.45). The fish was nicely juicy and the complementing elements added up to a nice savory combination. The “Marica, MrGudic, Plavac Mali, 2012” (40 KRN, approx. CHF 6.45 per glass) was the perfect match: full-bodied, long, strong.


Although I was already almost stuffed at this moment, I had to try the local dessert, a so called “mak torta” which was made of “puppy seed with a twist, chocolate glaze and cream” (35 KRN, approx. CHF 5.65). I must admit that the sweet to round up things was actually quite tasty although I’m usually not a big fan of sweets. The sweet wine “Ritosa, Muskat Ruza Porecki, 2013” (40 KRN, approx. CHF 6.45 per glass) fit well to the mak torta.


What was interesting to see is how the service quality changed over time. As I stated, at first the service was inexistent, then incomplete, then not so amused and it slowly turned towards being more and more friendly until at the end our waiter, Robert, even offered us yet another sweet wine from Istria to try (Brelac) on the house as well as misteltoe-flavoured grappa and yet another liquor. Frankly, not because of the free booze, this is how waiters should always be as he took the time to speak about food, the wine, Croatia, the people, the wine, the development of the country, and the wine. This passion and happiness to be in this profession is absolutely compelling!


A few words about the place and the prices. The Restoran Trilogija is worth going in as it is nicely designed and located in an old cellar but the light is too bright – keeping it down a bit would improve the atmosphere. With regards to the prices I must admit that they are absolutely okay for what you get as the food is good and fresh and the same applies to the various wines (let Robert choose the wines for you) as well as to the water (0,75L, 30 KRN, approx. CHF 4.85).

So, to sum it up, if you are lucky enough to have Robert as your waiter you can be assured that your experience at the Restoran Trilogija will be a good one (I don’t want to be mean with regards to the other waiters performance but seriously that’s just not good service). The food is good, the prices are fair, the place is generally nice and Robert does hell of a good show.


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Restoran Trilogija

Kamenita Ulica 5

10 000 Zagreb (HR)

Tel.: +385 1 4851 394

Homepage: http://www.trilogija.com

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