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21. June 2014: Restaurant Presuntaria Transmontana

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It is a bit more than two years ago since I have last been at the Restaurant Presuntaria Transmontana (see here). And I must say the place is not as atmospheric if you have to stay inside (as the weather was not entirely to my liking). The moment you sit down, you are already presented a plate with a mixed selection of various cold cuts and cheeses (EUR 11.00; Tabua Mista Presuntos) which is generally nice but noone tells you that you will to pay for what you are served.


However, I figured I should enjoy something warm to eat and, therefore, went for “Polvo no Alho” (EUR 9.00) which is basically octopus in garlic. The octopus is quite okay in consistency (fine but not perfectly smooth) and the garlic sauce in which it is cooked is nice and decent.


As a seocnd dish I had ordered anxchovies (EUR 5.75; Biqueirao) which I expected to be salty but somehow they were only sour although they were served in olive oil (which left a bit of a confusing impression). I mean, they were deifnitely not bad but somehow it was just not what I had expected.


The cover charge of EUR 3.75 for “Cesto Pao e Couvert” (Bread & Olives) is also directly applied once you sit down and while the olives are actually tasty I must admit that I consider EUR 3.75 quite a price for this.


At least when it comes to the wine – I went for a bottle of the house wine “Quinta de Ramozeiros Tinto, Duoro, 2008” (EUR 14.50) one cannot complain. On the one hand, the wine was aromatic and rich and on the other hand with a total of only EUR 14.50 one can definitely not complain about the price performance ratio. The beverages in general are quite fair in price (water, EUR 2.00; double espresso EUR 3.00).


The waiter did a good job but there is definitely some potential with regards to being friendly and caring for your customer. However, overall the service is fine. To sum it up, if the sun is shining it is rather beautiful to sit outside and enjoy a couple of cold cuts and a glass of wine outside, if the sun is not shining though it is not really that outstanding so you mandatorily have to go here.


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Restaurant Presuntaria Transmontana

Av. Diogo Leite 80

4400-111 Porto (PT)

Tel.: +351 223 758 380

Fax: +351 223 744 022

Mobile: +351 919 850 229

E-Mail: albero.nas.lopes@iol.pt

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