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27. June 2014: Restaurant Emilio Innobar

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A mixture of Japanese and Mexican flavours is definitely something I have not tried before and I must admit I liked it a lot. The concept is already quite interesting as you do not really get a menu but a table with a few hand-written lines showing you the “menu” to chose from. The idea is to share the dishes so you do not get to try a set menu or the like but you pick a couple of courses and start enjoying them then. The evening started with a “Sashimi Mixtro Grande” (EUR 32.00) which had four kinds of sashimi, tuna, salmon, St. Peter fish and gilthead. I was quite skeptic about the St. Peter fish and the gilthead but I must admit that the quality of the fish was outstanding. It was incredibly smooth and flavourful.


So far I was always of the opinion that the soy sauce is the sauce which is usually used for sashimi. And this is the truth, but not the entire truth. For the red fish (tuna and salmon) soy sauce is used but for the white fish (St. Peter fish and gilthead) a sauce called “Gaya” (left bowl in the picture) is used. It is way lighter and refined with chili and spring onions and was in perfect balance with the fish.


Next was a “Ceviche with shrimp” (EUR 15.00) which was quite a portion. The shrimp was fresh and the sauce was refreshing with tomatoes, cilantro, and avocado bringing in the Mexican flavour – subtle but nice.


Another rather Japanese like dish was the “Tempura mixta” (EUR 18.00) which was incredibly much. The tempura is rich with great fresh vegetables and prawns but nicely crispy and while having a certain level of greasiness it is not overly much greasy but very pleasant.


The last dish, and that was definitely one too much that evening as three dishes are enough, was the “Solomillo Picante” (EUR 27.00) which is bascially beef filet. The beef was served on a chili sauce which was a bit spicier than a “regular European spicy sauce” and was refined with dried and roasted small tortilla stripes which provided the dish with a pleasant crispiness.


The place is somehow modern but on the other hand incredibly simple. The concept with the open kitchen where you can watch your dishes getting prepared is definitely appealing and somehow the whole thing fits pretty perfectly together but on the other hand the rather cheap plastic chairs somehow make the difference to make it atmosphere-wise not the 5 star place. However, the service is absolutely dedicated, funny, and does a great job. What you can see that there are not only people from Mallorca working there but actually Mexicans. One last word with regards to the prices, they are absolutely fair for the food and even more so for the beverages (bottle of water, EUR 7.00; double espresso EUR 2.50; glass of red wine, EUR 5.50).

All in all, I can recommend you the Restaurant Emilio Innobar – the place is fine, the open kitchen is appealing, the service absolutely does a good job and is very sympathic, the dishes are very tasty and of high quality and last but not least, the prices are absolutely fair. Against my expectation, no reservation would have been needed for Saturday night (althouhg around 10pm it gets pretty full so maybe – if you eat out late – it is recommendable to book a table).


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Restaurant Emilio Innobar

Carrer de la Concepció 9

07012 Palma de Mallorca (E)

Tel.: +34 657 50 72 94

E-Mail: info@emilioinnobar.com

Homepage: http://www.emilioinnobar.com

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