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28. June 2014: Restaurant Sakana

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Sakana is generally rather low key – which starts with the fact that you get served an amuse bouche from the kitchen without being told what exactly can be found on your plate – it was definitely something with a tuna flavour but not to be identified in more detail.


As I was recommended the place, I was curious about what to expect so I tried to get a good and broad picture of what Sakana had to offer. I started with “Harumaki cerdo” (EUR 5.00) which was okay but it was more crispy dough than pork and the one in the middle was definitely overfried.


Next in line was the “Tempura Moriawase” (EUR 9.50) which was okay but compared to the tempura I have had the previous day at Emilio Innobar there is definitely room for improvement. Again, the dough was too much compared to the “filling”. However, at least every piece of dough had also something in it (and not like you experience sometimes just dough).


I was looking forward to the sashimi “Maguro (Atun)” (EUR 7.00) and “Maguro (Salmón)” (EUR 5.00) and here was the first time I had to admit that it was really what I had expected. The fish was rich, fresh, flavourful and nicely cut – great sashimi.


Since I have tried DOTS in Vienna (in the 6th, Brunnerhof, and TwentyOne), I like trying something new with regards to sushi once in a while so I went for the “Foie Gras Roll (Foie Gras, Mango, Marmelada de higho)” (EUR 11.70) which was first of all quite heavy but also somehow very refreshing with the thin layer of mango providing a fruit flavour which fit quite well with the foie gras.


The last course of the evening was “Temaki Atun picante” (EUR 5.00) and frankyl the first bite was something I definitely did not enjoy. I do not exactly know why but it had an aftertaste which I considered terrible. After trying another bite it somehow got better (or my tongue just got used to it). However, the Temaki was definitely not my favourite one.


The place and its decoration is simple and they try to give away a good vibe but somehow it lacks a bit in atmosphere. The good news though is that you have an open kitchen so you get to watch the kitchen staff preparing your food which is always a good sign. The staff is friendly and helpful but somehow it seems like there is limited interaction ability (maybe due to the language). However, the prices are fair for the dishes as well as for the beverages (i.e. water, EUR 1.90 per bottle). All in all, the Restaurant Sakana has to offer sushi – the quality varies though a bit between the single dishes.


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Restaurant Sakana

Avenida de la Playa 4

Local 2

07181 Palmanova (E)

Tel.: +34 971 681 005

Homepage: http://www.sakanasushi.es

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