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10. October 2014: Restaurant Les Deux Canailles

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You always get the best impression about a chef’s ability by trying the “degustation menu” (EUR 79.00) as it gives you a full impression of the chef’s thoughts. The menu started with an “organic tomato soup, crab mousse with avocado, and white onion cramelized with chorizo”. The course did not only sound funny it also looked interesting. The tomato soup was incredibly pure in taste as it did not seem to be influenced by any spices or the like. The crab mousse with avocado was smooth and of a nice consistency – but what really surprised me positively was the caramlized onion with chorizo. You were not able to sense the chorizo elements but you were able to taste them in the onion. which is a very lovely idea tickeling your palate.


The official first course of the night was a “foie gras, pumpkin tempura with strawberries, mushrooms and salad”. The foie gras had a full aroma and was rich and fat – and it fit absolutely great with the earthy taste of the mushrooms and the sweetness of the strawberries. The St. Aubin (EUR 75.00) was recommended to us by the waiter and it was a good recommendation as it was fair in price and actually nicely light.


Next in line was a “red mullet on pumpkin risotto, fried prawn with potato spirals” which I was a bit sceptical about. The last two red mullets I had enjoyed in other restaurants had a very intense fish taste but this one did not. The rice grains were cooked so they had still a little crunchiness and the potato spirals were a great surprise.


What was my personal disappointment was the third course, the “Japanese Wagyu beef, provence vegetables, mashed potatoes, Sabayone, Japanese Radish” – the course itself was somehow fine, especially the Sabayone was great together with the vegetables but the meat was disappointing me. Although wagyu is a special kind of beef which is quite expensive and usually very rich in aroma I must say I considered it rather dull in taste. It lacked the intensity of the meaty taste. At least the “Chateauneuf du Pape – Clos Saint Rouge” (EUR 70.00) was a good wine improving the experience.


I had asked for an extra course, some cheeses (EUR 15.00) which were absolutely fine – but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. However, next in line was already the dessert which was a fig with vanilla ice cream. The combination is nothing new and quite common already but it is always a nice combination.


The last course of the evening was “Crêpes with Chestnut and Chocolate, Almond-Honey-Icecream” and I must say although I am not a fan of sweets, this course was great. The crêpe in combination with the chestnut and chocolate was already good but the honey almond icecream was absolutely tickeling my taste buds!


Last but not least, Friandises were served which were nice and tasty – although I did not manage to try all of them. However, the price for the menu is overall pretty fair as it offers a nice insight into the chef’s abilities and the dishes are generally quite good – only the actual main course was a disappointment to me.


The place is rather simple in its design but it fits the combination of Japanese and French cuisine. The service is generally good – dedicated and passionate about what they do but somehow just not really that attentive as you have to wait quite some time until your glasses get refilled – and last but not least – I got the impression that we were not paid that much attention as we were definitely the youngest customers in the restaurant. With regards to the prices one cannot complain – the food is priced fairly, so are the wines, and even the water is affordable (EUR 6.00 for a bottle).


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Restaurant Les Deux Canailles

Rue Chauvain 6

06000 Nice (F)

Tel.: +33 9 53 83 91 99

E-Mail: restaurant@lesdeuxcanailles.com

Homepage: http://www.lesdeuxcanailles.com

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