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11. October 2014: Restaurant Jan

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The Restaurant Jan is definitely among the top ranking restaurants in Nice – which is funny especially for one reason: they serve primarily South-African food. As always, I decided to go for the tasting menu (EUR 115.00 including pairing wines). Before the menu officially started some “bread sticks with olive elements” were served – while the sticks were definitely tasty, something else immediately caught one’s eye: The way they were served!


At first, “honey and seed loaf country bread, traditional “Mosbolletjies” from the Cape, SA, with echiré butter” was served which had to be parted by hand as requested by the South African tradition. We had ordered a glass of “Ladybird Blanc” (EUR 7.00) with it – which was good but unfortunately the same wine which would have come with the wine pairing anyway.


The amuse bouche was “swordfish, cucumber, grapefuit jelly, quinoa jelly” which was a very aromatic combination – especially with the sweetness of the jellies.


The first real course of the evening was a “pork terrine, marinated vegetables, mustard from Charroux”. I really liked the course but the pork terrine was of a very rough consistency which one had to get used to first. However, the combination with the jelly and the mustard was great!


The next course looked really simple at first but the “crab salad, burrata, tomates and pepper pearls, heirloom tomatoes, with lavender mayonnaise” was aroma-wise outstanding. The burrata was creamy, light and aromatic – the various different tomatoes did their trick to complement the dish and last but not least the lavender mayonnaise rounded it up perfectly.


Next in line was the “cod, corn, cauliflower, parsnip, prickly pear, mushroom sauce”. I must admit I have had better cod e.g. at Matsuhishu by Nobu in Vougliameni (Greece) but it was of good quality and interesting in combination with the popcorn and the cauliflower cream.


The wine which was served with it, was the “Neethingshof” (EUR 12.00) which was nicely strong but not as much as I would have liked it to be. The course which was served with it were the “veal cheeks, potato “dauphine”, potato purée, broccoli, trumpet mushrooms, pumpkin fritters, foie gras” which was absolutely yummy. The veal cheeks were light but very aromatic, the pomme dauphine full of air and the foie gras gave the whole dish a little twist – although the foie gras the day before at the Les Deux Canailles was better.


One of my favourite courses of the night was the first dessert – the “comte cheese, époisses, apple, pastis gel” was a little tower with an apple basis and ceiling, having a cheese structure which was reinforced and filled with cheese itself. The combination of the sweetness of the apple and the pastis gel with the cheeses which were smooth, creamy but intense was amazing!


The very last course before the friandises was the “chocolate, roasted banana sorbet, peanut butter powder” which was basically what we call in Switzerland a “banana split” – but newly interpreted. The dish was light, intense, good!


Last but not least, the “friandises” were served and there was definitely a nice selection of different friandises. What surprised me somehow, if you are a group of four people, why would you bring four of each friandises for all of them but one where you only bring two. Does not really make sense in my eyes but they were good.


With regards to the prices one must say that the menu including the wines is absolutely fine in price but however it is somehow a bit disappointing that for a six course menu you would only serve three wines and not more. Still, the price is fair. The service is generally speaking good – but when it came to attention then I can only say: there was not enough attention payed to our table as we sometimes had to wait like five minutes until someone finally rrealized we were in the process of asking for something. The price for water on the other hand (EUR 6.00) is fair. Overall, the experience at the restaurant Jan is definitely a positive one as the place is pretty nice, the food is absolutely good, the service does generally speaking a good job (and would do an amazing job once they started paying more attention to some tables).


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Restaurant Jan

Rue Lascaris 12

06300 Nice (F)

Tel.: +33 4 97 19 32 23

E-Mail: jh@restaurantjan.com

Homepage: http://restaurantjan.com

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