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26. October 2014: Restaurant Mazzo

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The Restaurant Mazzo belongs to the good ranked restaurants in Amsterdam but when I did a bit more in-depth research the morning before having lunch there, I was already questining my choice going to an Italian restaurant while being in Amsterdam. However, I decided to still go. Frankly, not the best idea. I had ordered “Orecchiette, Broccoli, Zucchini, Pesto” (EUR 9.75) as a starter (primo piatto). The pasta was good, nothing to complain here, but it was also rather regular not really making it a special dish at all.


The main course, “branzino (sea bass), tomato, olives, capers” (EUR 19.50) was also okay. The fish was not fishy (which I had experienced in the past quite some times) and the vegetables added up nicely to the dish. Again, sound dish. So you might wonder why I was stating that it was not the best choice. Simple: Service!


When you enter, you feel welcomed, are brought to your table and get to enjoy the view and interoir decoration of the whole place which is quite appealing. The problem starts right after that – the waitress was absolutely, incredibly, and amazingly unattentive. She walked by like 10 times without even looking at the table and only after my Dutch-speaking friend got up and walked up to her to tap her shoulder that we would like to order she finally managed to get to our table – and grumpily took the order. But that was not even it – it also took them a solid 30 minutes to bring the main course after the pasta plate was taken from the table. Wow, I mean, just wow! But not in a positive way.


Else, the place is nice. But for me again, lesson learned (one I already knew but apparently forgot about): eat local! That is definitely what I will do again from now on as it definitely is not too pleasant of an experience when you have to wait and wait and the food is just regular good.


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Restaurant Mazzo

Rozengracht 114

1016 LV Amsterdam (NL)

Tel.: +31 20 344 64 02

E-Mail: info@mazzoamsterdam.nl

Homepage: http://www.mazzoamsterdam.nl

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