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1. November 2014: Restaurant Caru’ cu Bere

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I was recommended the Restaurant Caru’ cu Bere by a couple of friends – and frankly speaking, I was disappointed. At first, the impression was very positive – you enter, you get a table within a couple of minutes although the place is crammed, and the atmosphere you experience there is truly great, absolutely no question! What is a bit of a downturn is the fact that you’re allowed to smoke inside which is not entirely to my liking.

However, once seated we requested from the waitress that she would prepare a starter platter for us – which she did. But it took her (respectively the kitchen) ages to prepare the “starter platter with traditional Romanian food”. While it looked promising at first, it was really a disappointing selection as it was pretty much a bit of radish, cheese, and very different kinds of rather low quality meats enriched with onions. Hoping for something better as a main …


… we had ordered the “hot platter”. This one was, frankly speaking, a bit better but also not overwhelming – the only thing which was overwhelming was the amount …


… of meat that was served. It was not really bad but it was somehow just not tasty. The meat was dry, lacked aroma, and you just had the feeling you were given some old stuff they wanted to get rid off.


However, there was one dish which was truly rich and aromatic – a pork shoulder. The meat was tender, delicious, and aromatic. So far so good – besides the fact that we waited a solid hour for the main dish to come. Only after we had asked back when we were to expect the food, the waitress said “she had forgotten about it”. As we all had beer (Berea casei 400ml, 9 RON) it was kind of okay but we started to get really annoyed.


The food had been served, we had eaten a bit, and finally asked the waitress to bring us the bill. And it took a solid 30 minutes before she did anything. Only when we walked downstairs to talk to the manager we were finally brought the bill. But then, the really funny part started.


The manager started accusing us that we would not want to leave – while we desperately wanted to pay but the waitress did not show up. After discussing quite a bit with the manager it became clear that he would not take our side (which was the correct one) but just keep blaiming us. It finally was too much so we left and paid, but frankly, such unprofessional behaviour of restaurant staff I had never expected nor experienced!


If you want satisified customers, you should at least listen to the complaints of your guests – and not just starting to blaim them for something which had not taken place. Unfortunately, as the place is rather famous, they are quite obviously not in need of being nice to their customers – worst complaint management I have experienced ever!


In my personal opinion, the place is worth going to to have a lemonade (see picture above) as the lemonade is good and you do not have to spend too much time there as the place is actually quite nice when it comes to the interior – but the food is definitely not good (unless you get the pork shoulder) and the service is really bad (the waitress who messed up everything was at least very friendly). Else, the complaint management is really the lowest quality of complaint management I have ever experienced.


To sum it up, nice to see, but that’s it – don’t go there!


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Restaurant Caru’ cu Bere

Strada Stavropoleos 5

030026 Bucharest (RO)

Tel.: +40 02 13 13 75 60

Cell: +40 07 26 28 23 73

E-Mail: rezervari@carucubere.ro

Homepage: http://www.carucubere.ro

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