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1. November 2014: Restaurant Loft Lounge

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While it looked really promising at first I must say the dinner at the Restaurant Loft Lounge was a bit of a disappointment. I tried to get a glimpse of the whole menu and had ordered various dishes starting with “Sushi Nigiri Tuna” (2 pieces, 40 RON) but frankly speaking it was nothing special really. When there is no sea for miles it is probably not the smartest thing to have sushi but it was still somehow not that tasty.


The second course sounded truly promising – “a selection of 6 Dim Sum specialties” (40 RON) which was served in a way so you were obviously not able to see what you get …


… but once you’ve opened it, it looked even better. Well, the good thing was that two of the four dim sums were actually absolutely tasty. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no description of what exactly was in these single dim sums. Unfortunately, there are always two sides of a coin – and the flip side was that the other two really did not taste good.


As I like liver quite a lot I went for the “dried duck liver with fruits confiture” (58 RON) which looked fine but not too appealing once it was on the table. Somehow, the liver did not have the proper consistency, and it just lacked in taste but was mainly greasy.


Now, I thought that is something one can’t do wrong. Well, I was wrong. I went for the “beef tartar” (86 RON) as a main course and while it looked absolutely great and delicious I must say the meat was absolutely dull and lacked any aroma. Luckily, the French fries were actually quite good so you still had a sound meal all together but I would not have been able to eat the meat just by itself – in combination with teh French fries it was fine though.


For dessert, I figured I should try something which is not so typical – besides my “double espresso” (12 RON) – so I went for “Ice cream with honey, vanilla, and barley”. Yes, barley! It was not mind-blowing but it was definitely interesting to have barley in your icecream. Something I have never tried before.


What was the most impressing thing about this evening was the menu itself. It came on two pages and the pages were actually lighten up so you were able to read the menu perfectly in the pretty dark restaurant. Lovely and uncommon idea – at least I haven’t seen it before.


With regards to the place – the Loft Lounge is actually quite atmospheric and, therefore, generally nice as you are seated in the centre where later the party starts and you can obviously stay if you want to after dinner. However, there is one thing to the whole event which is deifnitely not that satisfiying – the service. While all waiters are truly friendly some of them are just incompetent. When I asked for water, it took ages – and each time after they had filled the glass, the bottle was taken again. Generally, I’m obviously fine with that but when you empty your glass within three minutes and then it takes the waiter 15 minutes to realize that your glass is empty, it is just plain annoying.

To sum it up, the Loft Lounge is a good place to party but that’s it – if you are looking for a really decent place to dine, this is not it!


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Restaurant Loft Lounge

Metropolis Center, Corp A, Parter

Strada Grigore Alexandrescu 89-97

010627 Bucuresti (RO)

Tel.: +40 756 385 638

E-Mail: viviana.poukara@loftlounge.ro

Homepage: http://www.loftlounge.ro

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