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1. January 2015: Restaurant SENS @Kenzi Tower Hotel

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The Restaurant SENS on the 27th floor offers a great view onto the Hassan II Mosque – especially by night when the lights are still fully on (after some time, the lights are being switched off partially and only the tip of the minarette is visible which is less impressive). As a first course, I went for the “Le Foie Gras (half cooked natural style, poached and flavoured pear with anise star, honey gingerbread)” (170 MAD) which was surprising. The foie gras itself was nothing special – definitely have had better before. However, the fact that it was served on honey gingerbread which provided it with a pleasant sweetness made it a delicious course. The poached and flavoured pear with anise star added another nice element to the whole course.


As a main course, I went for the “Le Cœur de Saumon (pan roasted salmon with a ginger crème du barry sauce and young broad beans)” (180 MAD) and took the “Creamy Risotto” (45 MAD) as a sidedish. The salmon was delicious – not fully cooked, still a bit glassy, and the sauce was actually delicious. The creamy risotto was a risotto with mushrooms (which one could not see from the menu) and was great.


For dessert, I went for “The Citrus (reversed pie, yuzu cream, crispy opaline)” (80 MAD) which was – from my point of view – the weakest dish of the evening but still good. Overall, I can recommend to dine at the Restaurant SENS – good food for fair prices (at least from a Swiss perspective).


When the manager guided us to the table – we were the first customers – and placed us with a table where we could not see the mosque, I asked for another table near the window where one could see the mosque. However, apparently they were taken. Now, until the end of the evening, 3 hours later around 10:30pm, still only one of the two tables at the window was taken. I get the “create exclusivity” thing – but frankly, if your restaurant is half empty respectively more than half empty, that is just stupid cockiness which does not really show good faith.

However, in the second row there was a table free and one could see the minarette. The waiter who was responsible for our table did a marvelous job. He was always there when needed, the water glass never got empty, the service was flawless. Big thumbs up!


The prices for the dishes are also absolutely fair – which also applies for the beverages (e..g double espresso, 90 MAD; glass of Château Roslane Côteaux de l’Atlas Rouge, 115 MAD; 1L water, 45 MAD). Overall, I can recommend the Restaurant SENS as the view is great, the atmosphere is fine, the service is flawless, the foods are good, and the prices are fair. Still, when you book via email, make sure that you ask specifically for a table at the window where you can see the mosque, because else, you won’t!


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Restaurant SENS @Kenzi Tower Hotel

Twin Center

Boulevard Al Massira Al Khadra

20100 Casablanca (MA)

Tel.: +212 522 97 80 00

Fax: +212 522 97 80 90

E-Mail: kenzitower@kenzi-hotels.com

Homepage: http://www.kenzi-hotels.com

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