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15. January 2015: Restaurant Usteria Bellavista

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To this place you would never go – unless you already knew it before or because you know why you want to go there. The restaurant is secluded and not easy to find and you have to drive up many curves until you finally arrive at the Restaurant Usteria Bellavista. But let me tell you upfront, that it is worth the drive. Maybe not so much for the “salad” (CHF 8.00) which is rather regular but …


… the “Capuns” (CHF 27.00 per person) prepared to the recipe of the chef (she said it was her family recipe) was outstanding. I have not had capuns too many times before in my life but I must say it was extremely delicious and it is worth coming up here just for this. And quite obviously we were not the only ones as when we had finished our lunch, an elderly couple arrived to order capuns – and they came up here just for that.


The place is very traditionally Swiss styled which makes it a pleasant place to sit down and enjoy the view over the Swiss mountains. The service is traditional but close to flawless – very attentive and friendly. When we had finished the capuns, and we were all pretty stuffed when we were at that stage, the service even asked us if we wanted any more (as a supplement) and I must say that is something I haven’t experienced in a long time.


In addition to everything, the prices are absolutely perfect. With CHF 8.00 for a 1L bottle of water and with CHF 3.75 for a regular espresso one can definitely not complain about the price level. The same applies – from my point of view – for the dishes. The capuns was mouth-watering and CHF 27.00 per person can almost be called cheap. To sum it up – worth driving up here. One important note though, call before to make sure they are open!


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Restaurant Usteria Bellavista

7459 Stierva (CH)

Tel.: +41 81 681 11 75

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