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24. January 2015: Restaurant Belfort

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The Restaurant Belfort offered a  menu for CHF 49.50. It started with a “Grisonian barley soup” which was good but a bit too watery for my taste.


The “Seasonal salad” was a regular Swiss restaurant salad with no special sauce. Good to eat but nothing beyond that.


The “beef filet goulash stroganoff with spaetzle” was surprisingly tasty. The only thing which was not entirely persuading was the quality of the meat as it was in some parts a bit chewy. But the sauce was – while simple – yummy and …


… the small bouquet of vegetables which came as a side dish was okay too. For my personal gusto it lacked a bit of salt and pepper but nothing which could not be fixed.


To finish off the dinner, a “Coupe Royale” was served and I must say I was disappointed. The icecream still had actual ice pieces in it, the whipped cream was way too much, and if it wasn’t for the pieces of fresh banana, I would probably have given it back after one bite.


Overall, the food is okay, but it is definitely not as great as I had expected it to be according to their advertising. The prices for water are fair too. One litre of water accounts for CHF 9.00. The service is friendly and quite swift so you have your dishes within a couple of minutes and the empty plates are also taken rather quickly. In addition to that, the place is simpe from its interior, so to my personal gusto only limitedly appealing.


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Restaurant Belfort

Hauptstrasse 35

7492 Alvaneu Dorf (CH)

Tel.: +41 81 410 70 70

Fax: +41 81 410 70 71

E-Mail: info@belfort.ch

Homepage: http://www.belfort.ch

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