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4. February 2015: Restaurant Asadero La Catedral Llanera

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The Asadero La Catedral Llanera is a place where the meat is prepared in an open charcoal oven and everything is put onto large skewers. However, my starter, “Chorizo” (12’000 COP) together with so called “yellow potatoes” was not prepared in the charcoal pit but nevertheless tasted great. Very simple food but great in taste.


In order to get the best possible overview of all meats they offered, I went for the “plato trimixto (3) carnes (res, chigüiro, cerdo): Papa creola/amarilla salada, yuca al vapor, plátano frito, ají casera, guacamole” (35’000 COP) which contained beef, pork, and capybara. I obviously did not know what chigüiro was but I must say it was good. Somehow it tasted a bit like veal and chicken – juicer than veal but from the consistency very comparable to veal. The yuca was also something interesting I have never tried like this before.


Obviously, with all the dishes lime and guacamole were served, rounding up the dishes. The place itself is super-simple but it is impressive as you get to see the charcoal pit right in front of you while eating.


It is definitely something I was not used to see and I must say it was an interesting experience. To be fair, their sales approach is also pretty good. The restaurant is close to a red light (or, to be more precise, a bump which has a similar function to a red light) and whenever a car stops there is a guy which quickly gets some meat from the charcoal pit and hands it over to the potential customers – and well, that’s how I ended up there as the capybara was super tender and aromatic.


Else, there is nothing special about the place – besides the lucky location and the actually really good meat, there is no reason why you should go. But obviously, as the meat is exquisite, you should go there. The service is friendly and does what needs to be done but there is definitely room for improvement with regards to the attentiveness.


Price-wise, there is absolutely nothing to complain – with regards to the food but also to the water (4’000 COP). If you pay the Catedral de Sal a visit, you can absolutely stop here and enjoy a meaty meal for lunch. Worth stoping.


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Restaurant Asadero La Catedral Llanera

Calle 1 #9-70

Zipaquirá (CO)

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