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22. February 2015: Restaurant Han – Mongolian Barbecue

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The Restaurant Han provided an experience I haven’t had since my childhood. You basically have a large selection of different ingredients you can assemble on your plate from a huge buffet which you then bring to the cooking station where they prepare your “selection of ingredients” for you. I went for the “menu à discretion” (CHF 44.00) which started with a “Mongolian soup with pork, beef and chicken” and was astonishingly rich.


After the soup you are allowed to raid the buffet and have as many plates as you want with all possibly imaginable combinations. You get fresh sesame bread and salad in addition to the buffet.


What is completely retarded though is the fact that there is no dessert included in this menu. If you pick the “you can go once to the buffet” menu, there is a dessert included. Frankly, I personally do not care about the dessert itself but it definitely does not make sense to offer a smaller, cheaper menu with dessert and to offer a larger more expensive menu without dessert. However, the “à discretion” version only pays off if you are really hungry and haven’t really eaten anything the whole day. Else you are absolutely satisfied with the “you only go once menu”. The prices are generally okay which also is true for the beverages (e.g. double espresso, CHF 6.80; 0,5L water, CHF 3.70). The place does have an atmosphere but not a really appealing one. And the same is true for the service – there is a service but it is definitely not what you call good service. Lots of food for fair prices – way to go. Else, not so much!


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Restaurant Han – Mongolian Barbecue

Baarerstrasse 63

6300 Zug (CH)

Tel.: +41 711 56 62

Fax: +41 711 56 68

Homepage: http://www.han.ch

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