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8. March 2015: Restaurant Lima Floral

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I read about the restaurant Lima Floral a couple of weeks ago when I was researching about the best restaurants in Peru. And apparently, the Lima Floral is a subsidiary of a restaurant called Central in Lima. Definitely a good reason to try the food here.

Although I was alone for lunch, I went for the menu (GBP 30.00) which starts with “starters to share” starting with “sea bream ceviche. choclo corn. sweet potato.” which was a perfect start. The ceviche was aromatic and light, the choclo corn I have had in the past and it is a very nice combination between actual sweet corn as we know it in Europe and chickpeas.


The second starter to share was “Huancaina beef. popcorn. coriander. cress.”. The beef was aromatic and supertender, the addition of popcorn to the dish was pretty confusing at first as I do not really like popcorn but the consistency it provided the dish with was actually a positive thing.


Third in row was the “tuna tiradito. rocoto. coriander. lemongrass.” which was okay. The tuna was a bit too dry for my personal gusto but else was a sound and good dish.


The last course of the starters was a “steam dumpling Asian style. chilli dippings.”. The combination was good – especially as it was the first warm course of the day.


As a main course I went for “beef lomo, cassava. yellow chilli. Asian flavours”. The beef was incredibly tender and quite aromatic. The combination with the chicorée was quite unique as it gave away a hint of bitterness to the dish.


The main course came with a couple of sides one being “vegetables. asparagus. eco-dried potatoes. green kale.”. The vegetables are obviously nothing special although they were aromatic and well-prepared. This thing called “green kale” sounded more interesting to me. The kale was air-dried and, therefore, super-crispy. And so incredibly delicious!!! Absolutely worth trying!


The second side dish was “quinoa. tiger’s milk.” which was also rather interesting – especially the taste of the quinoa. I did not really expect much at first when I saw the side dish but the moment I tried it, I loved it.


For dessert, I had “Coffee Ice Cream. // Aguaymanto. Cacao Crumble. // Alfajores. Dulce de Leche” which was overall good. Nice sweetness, not too sweet yet not overwhelming.


In the beginning I went for a “Perú Smoothie (avocado, coconut milk, banana, agave, lemon)” (GBP 4.00) which was a bit unusual at first but once I’ve tried it I must say it was quite good and refreshing although not as much as other smoothies I’ve had before.


The place is simple but somehow atmospheric. It is lively and people seem to be happy around here – and I get why, as the food is really good. The prices are also very, very reasonable (which is also true for the beverages, e.g. sparkling water, GBP 4.00; double espresso, GBP 3.50). The service is also dedicated and does a good job – only in the beginning I had to wait quite a bit before someone finally made it to my table. Else, I can very much recommend the place. Nice place, good service overall, very fair prices, and good dishes!


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Restaurant Lima Floral

Garrick Street 14

WC2E 9BJ London (UK)

Tel.: +44 20 72 40 57 78

E-Mail: enquiry@limafloral.com

Homepage: http://www.limafloral.com

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