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4. April 2015: Breakfast Restaurant @ W Hotel St. Petersburg

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I was so positive about my stay at the W – due to the location, the friendliness of the staff, the quality of the bar, the service, the amenities, everything. Until I had breakfast. The selection is quite nice (especially given that some things are rationed and, therefore, often not available in other hotels, e.g. friends were staying at another hotel and they did not have yoghurt for breakfast) and the quality of the dishes is good – but the service definitely needs some training!


Upon taking our seats at a table for four being just two as it was the only free table which was not dirty, we were asked to sit to another table as “this table was reserved” (there was no sign or anything) which we gladly did. The table was cleaned relatively quickly, a napking was brought. And then the waitress disappeared. Not caring about bringing cutlery or taking up the order for tea or coffee. I helped myself at the other table getting the cutlery myself – and walked up to the front bar to ask for tea and coffee.


After a solid 10 minutes there was still no tea. I mean, it is really not that hard to boil water, put it in a small can and bring it to the customers table. When I realized that the waiter was running around asking who had ordered the tea and a coffee, I went up to him and pointed him in the direction of my table. However, I got “black tea” instead of “green tea”. Funny enough, when realizing the mistake, it only took them 5 minutes to fix this.


Another problem is the fact that almost everything seems to be empty all the time. I had to wait for bread, for orange juice, for cold cuts. I get it, it is a busy restaurant and everything but seriously just allocate the people in a more efficient way and coordinate things better.


The atmosphere of the restaurant is lovely, the dishes are good – no question, but the service, while being friendly, is definitely not up to the task! A pity as it kind of does not fit the high quality the hotel is offering with regards to everything else!


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Breakfast Restaurant @ W Hotel St. Petersburg

Voznesenskiy pr., 6

190000 St. Petersburg (RU)

Tel.: +7 812 610 61 61

Fax: +7 812 610 61 60

E-Mail: wstpetersburg@whotels.com

Homepage: http://www.wstpetersburg.com

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