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4. April 2015: Restaurant Царь (Tsar)

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The “veal warm salad (boiled potatoes, eggplants, cherry tomatoes, veal slices, cilantro, mustard, mayonnaise)” (690 RUB) was of an intense taste but in a very pleasant way. The combination of the tomatoes, eggplants and the mustard and mayonnaise with the warm veal was really mouth-watering.


The “meat pie” (120 RUB) on the other hand was not as good as I had expected as it was way too dry for my gusto. The cream fraiche saved the dish as it made it edible making it more juicy.


The “Siberian dumplings” (640 RUB) were quite a portion but their stuffing was really good. I have no clue what it actually was but it is definitely worth trying!


I went for the “veal liver with mashed potatoes and pickled cucumbers” (1’390 RUB) and ordered “buckwheat with fried ceps” (390 RUB) as a side dish. Funny enough, the mashed potatoes were somehow “gone” and had been replaced with the buckwheat. Which was fine from a portion point of view but this is not how side dishes are supposed to be served if you have to order them on top of the existing meal. However, the buckwheat was absolutely delicious and the veal liver was quite okay as well.


To finish of the dish, I went for the “Caramel Créme Brûlée” (320 RUB) which was rather regular.


The place is absolutely nice – it is rather traditional and you have to make sure that you book in advance (ideally via the hotel), else it is almost impossible to get a table. The waiters did a good job, generally speaking, however at some point in time there seemed to have been a change of shifts and the guy who was attending our table seemed gone – especially when it came to ordering the bill it took them ages to finally bring it. However, the place is absolutely worth going as the food is good, the prices are fair, which is also true for the beverages (e.g. Barbera d’Asti Asalaia, 2’100 RUB; White Russian (Smirnov No. 21, Kahlua, Cream), 450 RUB; Water, 0,75L, 600 RUB).


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Restaurant Царь (Tsar)

ул. Садовая 12 (Sadovaya Street 12)

190000 St. Petersburg (RU)

Tel.: +7 812 640 19 00

E-Mail: service@ginzaproject.com

Homepage: http://en.ginza.ru

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