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5. April 2015: Restaurant Gogol

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The last evening in St. Petersburg was one to remember – it started with “delicious liqueur made from fresh forest raspberry” (140 RUB) which sounded nice but it was a pretty regular shot.


At first I thought they had only served one tiny bread for the entire table (of four) until I realized it was actually the “thin dough fancy patties baked every evening for supper with roast veal” (90 RUB) I had ordered. The little bread stuffed with warm veal was very yummy!


As a starter I went for something unusual, at least to me, “calf tongues with creamy horseradish, red wine slightly marinated roast beef in paprika coating and ham baked with garlic and herbs – all served with pickles” (670 RUB). The calf tongues were good in taste and especially in combination with the horseradish it made a good dish.


As “stroganoff” sounded pretty Russian to me, I went for the “local farmer’s beef cooked à la stroganoff delicately complemented with mashed potatoes and brined cucumbers” (820 RUB). The dish was good.


As a last course, I went for the “three light mousses of mango, rhubarb and mint cottage cheese with nut dacquoise and strawberry” (290 RUB) which was quite interesting. The taste of the cottage cheese was quite intense but in combination with the various flavours each of them was actually quite interesting.


The place was absolutely lovely, very comfortable atmosphere, stylish but traditional. The waitress did an outstanding job – she was providing great service, was very jovial but in a professional way. The only bad part of the evening was that they had run out of every second bottle of wine I was trying to order. We ended up having four bottles of wine and while we had started with a ” Valpolicella Superiore, Ripasso, 2009, Veneto” (3’500 RUB) we couldn’t continue with the same bottle as they had only one. And whenever I had asked for yet another bottle they had run out of it. Nicely enough, we were offered a 5% service discount (1’137 RUB).


The prices for the food are very fair, and the same applies to the beverages, i.e. a “double espresso” accounts for 280 RUB, a bottle of water 0,5L for 140 RUB. What they didn’t run out of this evening was the vodka, and we went for quite a couple of different ones (i.e. Russian Standart Original, 170 RUB; Russian Standart Gold, 210 RUB).


The place really has a traditional atmosphere which is also reflected in the menu.


Overall, I can absolutely recommend the restaurant Gogol – and once more you have to book a table in advance as the restaurant was absolutely full that evening. It is worth going!


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Restaurant Gogol

Malaya Morskaya Street 8

190000 St. Petersburg (RU)

Tel.: +7 812 312 60 97

Homepage: http://eng.restaurant-gogol.ru

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