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19. June 2010: Ristorante Torcolo da Barca

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The Ristorante Torcolo da Barca is located close to the Piazza Bra’ which is the large place in front of the Arena di Verona (so the amphitheater where they play all the operas).

Although the Torcolo da Barca’s Hotel sign doesn’t look appealing at all (quite cheap actually), the impression changes as soon as you’ve approached the place. The outside is nicely designed and full of lights – it is quite inviting to also sit outside (if it isn’t raining – which it unfortunately was that day).

Not only the outside looks nice at a closer look but also the interior design is nice and especially with the wine bottles at the walls and the somewhat old-fashioned dishes, it really is appealing.

For your table there is no single waiter responsible but it’s much more that the whole bunch of waiters is responsible for everyone – and each time you need one at your disposition for a request or an order, one is there.

I decided to go for the “meat tasting menu” whereas my friend tried the “fish tasting menu” which both offered a starter, a primo, a secondo and finally a desert for 35 EUR, respectively 40 EUR.

As a first course, the antipasti, I’ve had prosciutto with jam which was absolutely delicious – the prosciutto was full of taste and the jam provided with it delivered the special note to it.

As a second dish, I’ve had the lasagna with meat which was quite good. But what was really awesome were the noodles my friend enjoyed (thin noodles with a special sauce and prawns) – one of the best noodles I’ve ever had, seriously!

The secondo piatto was good too but not really overwhelming – quite average I’d say. So that kind of degraded the eating experience for the meat menu. Also, the same applied for the fish tasting menu – the main course was the weakest of them all.

As a desert I’ve enjoyed a chocolate cake with vanilla cream – somewhat uncommon to me but really tasty (although I personally don’t really like chocolate too much).

Finally, we finished the dinner – to which we enjoyed an Amarone di Masi – with a good grappa each.

It cost around 130 EUR which is absolutely appropriate for two tasting menus (35 and 40 EUR), half a liter of Amarone from the Masi wineyard, 2 grappa, coffee and water.

Finally, it can be said, that the Ristorante Torcolo da Barca is the perfect place to go to in Verona (e.g. after the Opera). It has a very nice atmosphere, very attentive waiters and waitresses, quite good dishes and a decent price performance ratio – absolutely recommendable.

PS: Reservations highly recommended (especially if you’re more than two persons).


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Ristorante Torcolo da Barca

Via Carlo Cattaneo 11/B

37121 Verona VR (I)

Tel.: +39 (04) 58 03 37 30

Fax: +39 (04) 58 03 38 63

E-Mail: info@ristorantetorcolo.it

Homepage: http://www.ristorantetorcolo.it

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