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19. April 2015: Restaurant Key West

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I guess it was the first time I actually made it to a restaurant which is part of the “Goldener Fisch” and I must admit I was not entirely satisfied. The “gamba” as an amuse bouche is definitely a nice gesture but the gamba was way too dry to be fully enjoyable.


I went for the “spaghetti al Parmigiano (freshly cooked spaghetti prepared in the parmesan loaf)” (CHF 13.50) which were absolutely good in taste but were cooked for a tiny bit too long so they would not be al dente anymore but flavourful, I must admit.


I went for the “fish and chips @ Key West (Swiss perch filets in tempura dough, with French fries and three dips)” (CHF 32.50) which were good. The fish was wrapped by the tempura dough without being too doughy, the dough was nicely crispy and last but not least, the dips were tasty too. Sound dish.


The selection of “bread & spread” which was served in the beginning was fine too – nothing extraordinary but a good selection of spreads.


What is truly nice is the view – you are sitting basically “on the lake”, not at the shore but “on the lake” so you face the water pretty directly through the window. Therefore, a lovely place to enjoy dinner. Unfortunately, the interior is not entirely up to the task. I must admit that the place is nicely decorated and they are definitely trying their best but somehow it lacks atmosphere as it has a very sterile feeling.


The prices are very fair for what you get, I must admit (i.e. 0,5L water, CHF 6.50; double espresso, CHF 6.00; Küssnachter white wine, 2013, 1DL, CHF 6.50). Secondly, the service does a good job – generally speaking – as they are mostly attentive and friendly but it is too much of a selling story which gets annoying after some time. It is this “being overly friendly” when you start thinking, “dude, leave me alone!”.

I am not entirely sure how to rate the restaurant – the view is great, the interior not so much. The service is friendly, but too friendly. The amuse bouche was nothing really but the rest was good. The prices are fair. I guess, overall, it is worth giving it a try if the weather is good and you get to look onto the lake.


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Restaurant Key West

Seestrasse 31/32

8942 Oberrieden (CH)

E-Mail: info@keywest-zuerich.ch

Homepage: http://www.keywest-zuerich.ch

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