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20. June 2010: Ristorante da Franco

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The Ristorante da Franco is located in the upper part of the city of Bergamo right next to the Università degli Studi di Bergamo. It is in walking distance from the lower city (although if you don’t take the Funicolore it’s recommendable to plan at least one hour). In case you take the Funicolore in order to get from the lower city to the upper city (a ticket costs 1.05 EUR – one way) the restaurant is located about 500 meters from the upper station.

Although it doesn’t look too appealing (like really touristic) from the outside, the impression changes when you’re led into the back area (little covered garden). Although the room is quite large and has space for a lot of people, it is somehow still creating a comfortable atmosphere.

We had to wait quite long till we got served (the restaurant opens officially for lunch at 12:00 but we’ve been there 20 minutes early as it was raining cats and dogs, so I suppose, this is not to be blamed on the service). Once the waitress arrived, she was friendly and once we’ve placed our orders, we got our dishes in a reasonable amount of time.

As a starter (antipasti) we had a plate of typically Bergamo meat which was quite good. Astonishingly, even the Lardo (which is more or less pure fat with taste) was very tasty.

As a primo piatto, I’ve enjoyed Gnocchi with Acceto Balsamico which was quite okay – nothing outstanding though.

Finally, as a secondo we had Carpaccio di Manzo with a cheese sauce and truffles (at leats that was on the menu). We got the Carpaccio without truffles though because they run out of it. Although this can happen, it’s not supposed to be happening – and furthermore, if something like this happens, as a guest you expect to receive some kind of apology from the owner but apparently that didn’t seem to be necessary. Therefore, service receives a minus point. Still, the Carpaccio was good but the meat was sliced too thick.

Finally, we’ve had a café. The prices are quite decent. All in all, the Ristorante da Franco is a nice place but is quite touristic. It offers oaky food with acceptable service for reasonable prices. No outstanding elements though.


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Ristorante da Franco

Via Bartolomeo Colleoni 8

24129 Bergamo BG (I)

Tel.: +39 (03) 52 38 56 5

Fax: +39 (03) 52 38 10 4

E-Mail: info@dafrancobergamo.it

Homepage: http://www.dafrancobergamo.it

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