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1. May 2015: Restaurant Manastirska Magernica

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The Restaurant Manastrirska Magernica is not exactly easy to find as it is located quite a bit down a side street of the main shopping street of Sofia. When you finally find it, you will immediately realize it is worth going there. The place has a nice little patio which is perfect to sit outside in the afternoon when it’s sunny. As it becomes warm pretty quickly, I went for something light and took the “Sofiyskata – meshanitza (tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh baked pepper, red salad onion, we should not forget the hot pepper! We mix it all with olive oil and put some cheese on top)” (BGN 6.80). The salad was refreshing and reminded me a bit of a Greek salad.


As I usually go for what I don’t know yet, I decided to have “breaded cow’s tongue” (BGN 12.80) as a second course. It was surprisingly good (I had not expected much to be honest) but I must admit the consistency of the tongue is very unique as the meat basically disembles the moment you bite in it but it still has somehow a stringy element to it.


Although it was not ordered, we were served “Garlic Bread” (BGN 0.65) which was basically flat bread which was heavily seasoned and had a strong taste of garlic. Nothing for the sensitive palate when it comes to garlic but if you like garlic, it is definitely recommended!


The “goose liver with fruit” (BGN 25.80) was absolutely okay. The quality was not really outstanding as it still had a lot of nerves and was a bit too “liquid” from a consistency point of view but in combination with the various fruit which were served with the liver it made quite a dish (at least taste-wise).


As a main course I went for “beef with aubergines (in coated with oil saucepan arrange in order aubergines, meat in fine pieces, riche and again aubergines. Boil the dish to slow fire till become oiled. Sprinkle with pepper corn and serve with the garlic yoghurt enclosure)” (BGN 21.80). The dish was quite huge but the meat was interesting in its consistency as it – again – was very easily disembling when you ate it. The strong garlic yoghurt was actually not that strong but had a pleasant intensity overall.


Unfortunately, I forgot to take notes with regards to the dessert – it was very sweet and somehow consisted of condensed milk (BGN 4.60) but had a very special consistency – gluey somehow, smooth somehow, sticky somehow. Couldn’t quite label it.


The place itself is lovely – the decoration with the sun umbrellas is a bit annoying but besides that it looks really traditional and comfortable (and it actually is comfortable). The service is very friendly and generally does a good job.


Only when we had ordered beer in the beginning, the waiter seemed to have forgotten and only when we asked him again, he rememberd, apologized a million times and brought the beer pretty much immediately.


The restaurant is also quite nice from the inside – very lovely decor with various rooms on different levels, a small balcony with 6 seats. The prices are very fair for what you get which is also applicable to the beverages (i.e. double espresso, BGN 3.60; water, 1,5L, BGN 2.80). Overall, I can absolutely recommend you to have a late lunch at the Restaurant Manastriska Magernica – lovely atmosphere, competent service, good food, and very superb prices!


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Restaurant Manastirska Magernica

Ulitsa “Han Asparuh” 67

1000 Sofia (BG)

Tel.: +359 29 80 38 83

Cell: +359 899 94 94 00

Homepage: http://www.magernitsa.com

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