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2. May 2015: Restaurant Vodenitzata

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The Restaurant Vodenitzata is definitely not located in the centre of Sofia but it is worth a visit. It offers very traditional food like “chicken hearts in butter, 200gr” (7.20 BGN) which only looked limitedly appealing but were actually quite great in tasty despite the slightly chewy consistency.


The “goose liver with peaches” (26.90 BGN) on the other hand was not so good by itself. The quality was a bit disappointing, especially, as the liver was full of nerves and strings. In combination with the fresh fruit which was served with the liver, and after basically operating the nerves out, the dish was fine – annoying to prepare but fine.


As a main course, I went for the “Chef’s surprise (chicken, pork and veal sirloins, ham, mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, yellow cheese, sauce “Roquefort”, stewed potatoes, stewed vegetables)” (36.40 BGN) which definitely was a surprise – especially if you consider the size of the plate. It is more than enough food for two people. The Roquefort sauce is quite heavy but somehow they manage to prepare it so you can have all three types of meat with the sauce without getting fed up.


The place is rather traditional – or at least they set it up in a way you get the feeling you are in a traditional place but obviously it is quite touristic. However, it is worth a visit due to its atmosphere and the vividness of the place.


The entrance is already lovely with the wines lined up …


… and the “Welcome fox” ;-)


You feel like you are in the woods when you finally enter the main dining room of the restaurant – and actually you are kind of in the middle of the woods. The service does a good job and is very friendly. And for a change, even when I asked for the bill they were absolutely quick which has not happened in the other Bulgarian restaurants before.





Overall, the place is definitely worth a visit – what is a bit special is the loo. The wall paintings are … let’s say “interesting” … but see for yourself.


With regards to the prices, the restaurant has quite a decent policy despite the touristic angle. A bottle of San Pellegrino 0,75l accounts for 7.10 BGN, a beer of 0,3L for 2.20 BGN, and a double espresso for 5.80 BGN.


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Restaurant Vodenitzata


1415 Sofia (BG)

Tel.: +359 2 967 1058

Fax: +359 2 967 50 07

Cell: +359 888 70 31 03

E-Mail: info@vodenitzata.com

Homepage: http://vodenitzata.com

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