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22. May 2015: Restaurant Das Leben ist schön

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The “linguini freshly prepared in the parmesan with fresh truffles” (EUR 17.50) sounded more promising on the menu as they actuall were. The pasta was close to perfectly al dente but lacked a bit in taste. For the fact that they are supposedly prepared in parmesan it was a bit of a disappointment. The truffles were also not really aromatic. The start was definitely very average.


The “Tagliata di Manzo with Argentinian beef filet, 200gr, with rocket salad and sun-dried tomatoes” (EUR 23.50) looked way more promising when it was served. The meat was tender and the plate was still incredibly hot making it a bit of a challenge to eat the meat before it was well-done. However, the combination with the sun-dried tomatoes, the rocket salad, and the parmesan cheese made it a very delicious combination.


The place is very simple – from its interior design and it somehow gives away the atmosphere of an Italian restaurant but it it is too spacious to truly be one. However, the interior is appealing and cozy and you have the advantage that the tables are apart from each other so you can easily have a private conversation.

The prices are fair for what you get although the starter with the truffles is a bit overprized. However, when it comes to the beverages, the prices are decent – i.e. a bottle of “Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, DOC” accounts for EUR 39.90 and a double espresso for EUR 4.00. However, a bottle of water accounts for a solid EUR 9.60 which I consider quite a rip-off. The services does a good job – but nothing more than that. She is friendly – but only to the degree she absolutely has to be, and was not very attentive. Despite the fact that the restaurant was half-empty, she almost never showed up at the table to ask if something else was needed.

To sum it up, the Restaurant Das Leben ist schön is a fair place – but nothing beyond that.


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Restaurant Das Leben ist schön

Hanauer Landstraße 198

60314 Frankfurt am Main (DE)

Tel.: +49 69 430 578 70

Fax: +49 69 430 578 85

E-Mail: reservierung@daslebenistschoen.de

Homepage: http://www.daslebenistschoen.de

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