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27. June 2015: Restaurant De Reften

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I found this little gem in a local guide and I must say it was absolutely worth visiting – as a little appetizer besides the usual bread and spread some “parmesan crackers mit raw vegetables and mayo made from anchovies” was served. My personal highlight was the raw cauliflower as I have never had that before (and actually liked it way more than steamed) and the anchovy mayo.


Of course, the mandatory “bread and butter” was not to be missed but was definitely nothing out of the ordinary.


I decided to go for the lunch menu (EUR 37.00) which started with “soep van seizoensgroenten: tomatensoep en toast met ham maatjes met groene boontjes” which was basically something like a “tomato vegetable soup with toast and a ham matjes with green beans”. I was expecting a bit more but it was a fine but very simple starter.


The “glazed ribs of beef, salad of oxheart cabbage” which came as a main was truly delicious though. The meat basically fell off the bone and it was super aromatic – a big yummy here!


The “handcut fries” which were served with it on the other hand were pretty average compared to other fries I recently have had but they did the job.


The final course of the day was the “dame blanche” which is basically vanilla ice cream with liquid chocolate sauce. Something quite regular which did not fit entirely to the courses which were served before. However, the whole menu was fair and the meat was actually delicious and super tender.


The whole restaurant is designed according to its name – even the water bottle is called like the restaurant (1L, EUR 7.00) which is very stylish.


When you order a double espresso (EUR 5.00) you also get some chocolates which taste lovely. Overall, the whole food experience is a good one – and I must repeat, the meat was spectacular! With regards to the prices, there is nothing to complain really – I mean, you get a very decent meal for EUR 37.00.


The same applies for the beverages, as i.e. a “Brugse Zot Blond Beer” accounts for EUR 4.50. The place is not only great because of what you get but also – and maybe even more so – because of its atmosphere. You have a little patio which is off the main streets where it is comfortable and quiet. And also very stylish while being simple!


The service is very friendly and gives its best – unfortunately, we were not entirely satisfied as it took them way too long to take the order and to bring the bill. I do not mind waiting a bit in between courses but when the place is almost empty then it should not be so tricky to pick up the order of the customers so they start their lunch with a positive attitude. Still, when you are in Bruges, I can recommend you to have lunch at the Restaurant De Reften!


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Restaurant De Reften

Molenmeers 2

8000 Bruges (BE)

Tel.: +32 50 44 49 00

Homepage: http://www.bistrorefter.com

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