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27. June 2015: Restaurant L’Autre Grain

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I kind of randomly encountered this restaurant looking for a place which was close to the hotel I stayed at and through randomly google mapping I found “L’Autre Grain”. When you find the place make sure to not walk by – as the entrance is not as visible as it could and should be. However, once you enter you are welcomed by the two waiters enthusiastically!

I started with the “Cru-cuit de légumes d’été, réduction de balsamique, mayonnaise à la tomate confite, caviar d’aubergine” (EUR 12.00) which was very flavourful. The combination of various textures and flavours already made it a good dish. However, …


… the “espuma tzatziki” which came with it really provided the final finess to it.


As a main course I went for the “merlu de ligne de Saint Jean-de-Luz rôti en chapelure aux herbes, crème de courgette et poireaux, câpres, tomates Kumato, beurre blanc à l’huile de truffe blanche et pomme de terre de Pompadour” (EUR 26.00). The whole dish was good as it had a nice intensity in taste through the light breading and the beurre blanc while the fish itself had not much of its own taste really.


The “double espresso” (EUR 3.00) was absolutely average but the way it was served was quite innovative – all elements which you need for the coffee are presented in the wooden block in which your cup is placed – the spoon, sugar, cream, and even a chocolate (not visible in the picture). Definitely a lovely idea I haven’t seen before!


The place itself is very nice – it is simple in its design, the decoration is reduced to the minimum but it is very appealing because despite the “lack” of decoration it provides a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. What really helps here, of course, is the fact that the two waiters are doing a very good job!


Overall, the Restaurant L’Autre Grain is definitely worth a visit when you are in Brussels – the food is good, the prices are very fair for the food, as well as for the beverages (i.e. 1/2 bottle, Saint Amour, Domaine des pierres, 2012, EUR 18.00; Water Bru Petillante, 1L, EUR 6.00), and the atmosphere is great! Make sure to book in advance when you are planning to pay them a visit!


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Restaurant L’Autre Grain

Chaussée de Vleurgat 9

1050 Bruxelles (BE)

Tel.: +32 26 48 88 60

E-Mail: info@lautregrain.be

Homepage: http://lautregrain.be

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