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2. July 2015: Restaurant Olde Hansa

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The Restaurant Olde Hansa was recommended by a friend for some middle age style restaurant experience – and it definitely is that! While it is for obvious reasons very touristic, it is still worth visiting. The platters they serve are not only generous but also tasty. I went for the “reval’s plate for tasting (juniper-flavoured beef, orange tongue jelly, French royal pultry liver paté, Onion Jam, …)” (EUR 10.30) as well as the …


… “neptun’s feast (salmon eggs, andalusian fish, smoke-grilled salmon, herring, anchovies, quail eggs, Castle’s fresh cheese, herb-bread with nuts, rye bread with smoked ham)” (EUR 9.80). While it does not look like you were served too much food it is definitely more than enough, believe me. However, the highlight of the place is not really the food – despite the fact that it is good.


The highlight for me was the “Light Cinnamon Beer, 0,5L” (EUR 5.90) which is very aromatic and has a slight note of sweetness while not being overly sweet like you experience it sometimes with honey beer. It is so smooth you can just keep drinking … and I even returned hours later again after lunch to have a couple more of these marvelous jugs!


Besides the nice beer, the place is also recommendable for the atmosphere – inside as well and especially as outside. The whole restaurant is themed and only if you arrive a couple of minutes before lunch you find the place as empty as you can see it in the picture. Approximately 20 minutes later, the place was completely packed!


The waitresses are friendly, attentive, and also wear their middle age themed clothes – as well as the musicians which make music on traditional instruments. Absolutely lovely! You can spend hours and hours there sipping beer.


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Restaurant Olde Hansa

Vana Turg 1

10140 Tallinn (EE)

Tel.: +372 627 90 20

Fax: +372 627 90 41

E-Mail: reserve@oldehansa.ee

Homepage: http://www.oldehansa.ee

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