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6. July 2015: Restaurant Forto Dvaras

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The first impression of Vilnius was a positive one – you can incredibly cheap food which is not only tasty but also plenty. I started with a “cold beetroot soup” (EUR 2.35) which was quite rich in flavour and ingredients. The fact that the soup was cold helped to increase the pleasure eating it as it was incredibly hot outside that day.


The soup came with “hot potatoes”. Honestly, I was not quite sure why they were there but tried them anyway. They were – let’s say dry. Not really adding any value to the dish or increasing the enjoyment.


As a second starter I went for the “dzukai-style herring (herring with fried mushrooms, onions, raisins and hot potato)” (EUR 2.95) which was interesting. The herring had a very, very fishy note but somehow, in combination with the raisins and the onions it was actually a tasty dish.


What I had figured only after having placed my order was that apparently basically every dish there is, there is potatoes which are either part of it or come with it. The last course of the meal was the “potato pudding with chicken fillet” (EUR 4.35) …


… which looked way more appealing once the pot was opened. The “degree of chicken fillet” was rather low. It was mainly potatoes but unlike the other potatoes these were actually creamy and smooth, so quite lovely.


My personal high light was the “The green cocktail (mashed bananas, oranges, spinaches, and orange juice, flavoured with honey)” (EUR 2.35) though. The drink really had an intense “green taste” – which was reinforced by the herbs which were not fully purreed but partially still there so you would slurp a sip of herbs from time to time.


With regards to the atmosphere: There is room for improvement. However, as the restaurant is basically located right at the entrance of the “main street” of Vilnius’ old town (or at least, so it seems), it is pretty crowded and they do not have to care much about “appearance”. Once the service realizes you are there, the waitress was actually quite swift and friendly. What is the absolutely highlight though are the prices. I mean, not only for the dishes but also for the beverages (i.e. 0,33L mineral water, EUR 1.25).

If you are in Vilnius, hungry, and just want to eat something small, or also something big, then this is the perfect place!


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Restaurant Forto Dvaras

Pilies g. 16

01123 Vilnius (LT)

Tel.: +370 52 61 10 70

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