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6. July 2015: Riverside Restaurant @ Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva

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Sometimes you expect nothing and then you are positively surprised. Given the weather turned pretty bad, the decision was taken to get back to the hotel and eat something there. Frankly speaking, the Riverside restaurant is not exactly the place I’d go if I’d be looking for a very atmospheric place. However, I was positively surprised with regards to the quality of the food. I went for the “yellow-fin tuna tartar with cucumber-chili salad and salmon roe, served with avocado puree, pickled radish and mango sauce” (EUR 12.00, respectively EUR 10.50 with the 15% discount being a Gold Elite member) which was good and definitely presented way more appealing than I had expected.


The mian was also okay but not as persuading as the starter. The “Riverside beef burger with classical garnish, french fries and our special dressing” (EUR 12.00, respectively EUR 10.50) with “cheddar cheese” (EUR 0.60, respectively EUR 0.51) and ” crispy bacon” (EUR 0.60, respectively EUR 0.51) “served with seasonal vegetables and a “Green Pepper Sauce”” was a fine burger. The patty was a bit too sloppy, the French fries not really up to the task (especially as they were definitely no “seasonal vegetables”), still, okay, respectively better than expected.


With regards to the service, there is definitely room for improvement. They were very friendly, no question about that. But they lacked attention that it became annoying. Especially when you stay at the hotel, you kind of wanna get up after having had your dinner and relax at the spa or in your room. Well, that was definitely not so easily possible given the waiter kind of ignored our table over and over again.

The bread – which was a bit too fluffy for my personal gusto – came with spread which made the waiting more bearable.


When it comes to “breakfast”, you also enjoy it at this premise. There is literally no service in the morning. I was definitely a bit surprised to see – absolutely noone. So, in case you are used to telling the table’s waitress which coffee or tea you want, no chance here. Get up and get it yourself. Basically, everything, get it yourself. Seat yourself, check yourself if the breakfast is included in the rate or not, ideally, clean the table yourself.


However, the breakfast buffet was – again – better than expected. I expected an empty, raided breakfast buffet and not really a selection of different dishes. But …


… there was actually a selection of different buffet elements for breakfast. Obviously, it was not the most extensive one I have seen in my live but it was definitely okay. Everything from bread …


… to juices …


… as well as fresh and cut fruit …


… and eggs and bacon was available. Funny enough, the only part where someone was actually present and working was the omelet station – at least.


Overall, the Riverside Restaurant is okay if you stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva. If you don’t, you definitely don’t have to do the trip to the hotel to eat here – not worth it.


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Riverside Restaurant @ Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva

Konstitucijos pr. 20

09308 Vilnius (LT)

Tel.: +370 52 72 62 72

Fax: +370 52 72 62 70

E-Mail: info.lietuva.vilnius@radissonblu.com

Homepage: www.radissonblu.com/lietuvahotel-vilnius

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