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7. July 2015: Restaurant Böff

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According to my internet research, the Restaurant Böff ranks among the best restaurants in the city of Vilnius. Well, I was respectively excited to have lunch here. It definitely looked appealing from the outside and also when you entered the place. What was definitely not so impressive right away was the way the waiter treated us. We were ignored. Just like that. Only when I kind of waved with my hands at him he finally looked at me (as if I was an alien). Usually, I would have turned and left the place in no time. However, given it was – apparently – so good, I decided to stay calm and ask for a table which was then assigned to us.


Once you were patient and let the guy do his job – or rather waited until he finally did his job – and after you had placed your order, you got some “bread & spread” which was okay. I did not really feel like eating too much given it was a hot day so went straight for the main course “Black Angus (ARG), 200gr” (EUR 27.51). The meat was fine with regards to consistency and quality but it lacked taste. It was somehow dull. The bone marrow on the other hand (which had not been mentioned on the menu) was lovely.


The way they serve the “sides” is lovely. However, I’d appreciate it more if the orders I placed would have been ending up on the table insted of just something else. I ordered “Böff house fries” (EUR 2.03) which arrived and were fine. The “creamy spinach” (EUR 2.03) was not too creamy but the “Sauce Béarnaise” was actually yummy. However, I had also asked for “Herb Butter” (EUR 2.03) but never got to try it as it was never brought to my table.


The “home-made lemonade” (EUR 3.47) was actually my personal highlight as it was refreshing and had an awakening effect.


The prices for the beverages are already about 200% of what you usually pay throughout Vilnius (i.e. Perrier, 0,75L accounts for EUR 4.34; a double espresso for EUR 4.06). But when you think about the prices of the meat, then you are not so far away of restaurants in cities which have way higher purchasing power. I guess the place is hyped because it is expensive for local standards (and it really is expensive for local standards).


The dishes are definitely okay, no question. Everything is of good quality but it is not as mind-blowing as it probably could be. Secondly, the arrogance how the waiter treated us is unique. Apparently, working at a hyped and (for local standards) overpriced restaurant makes you quite cocky!


All in all, don’t go. It is not worth the money. If you see what you can get for the same money or less when in Vilnius, I can’t recommend Böff. Nice atmosphere and good food, admittedly, but the arrogance of the waiter and the prices (for local standards) make it not worth visiting.


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Restaurant Böff

Olimpieciu g. 1

09200 Vilnius (LT)

Tel.: +370 52 19 94 98

E-Mail: info@boff.lt

Homepage: http://www.boff.lt

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