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13. July 2015: Restaurant U Fukiera

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When I had been to Poland, respectively Warsaw, last time, I was not aware of the existence of this restaurant. However, this place is located supercentrally at Warsaw’s main square. You would not really go in as from outside it looks like one of these places which rip off tourists. But you actually should go in! You’ll see why in a second. I went for the “Polish style tenderloin steak tartare with country yolk and plenty of condiments” (37 PLN). The beef tartare was definitely tasty and I – as always – like when you can kind of prepare your own tartare with the different condiments. However, there is two things to say (which is true though for all places in Poland I ever had a tartar): the tartar is cut rather thickly which is not really comparable to Western Europe. Secondly, they do not serve any bread or toast with the tartar. Something which was rather confusing at first and I helped myself with the bread they had delivered earlier. In any case, this is something you definitely have to get used to first.


My main course was a “breaded pork cutlet of a monstrous size, served with cabbage” (57 PLN) was actually really of monstrous size. I mean, it does not really look that big in the picture but I assure you that the cutlet was indeed very big! Especially, as it was not as thin as a Viennese style cutlet but actually also quite thick. However, flavour-wise it was definitely good.


The potatoes and cabbage which came as a sidedish were definitely too much but they were admittedly tasty.


Before-mentioned “bread” of the “bread and spread” served as the toast for my tartar. The dishes are rather heavy, I must say, but they are also generally speaking tasty.


Besides the quite decent food you get here, one thing is really striking – the atmosphere. Once you have entered the restaurant and walked along the hallway you enter a little patio with approximately 4-6 tables, and it is absolutely lovely there! Flowers, calm, comfortable, high degree of privacy! Defintiely a very neat place to go!


And once you get out and see the entrance of the restaurant in the dim light of the evening, you realize that the place looks also from outside quite appealing. Just not in bright daylight.


The waiter does a great job, is very friendly and always there when you need him. Well, almost always. If you want to have more water or your glass of wine filled you will have to take care of that yourself. Else, he is pretty swift. The prices are on the more expensive side for Poland but still very reasonable, i.e. a glass of “Antinori Santa Cristina” accounts for 35 PLN, 0,7L water was free, a double espresso accounted for 24 PLN. What I did not like too much was the “mandatory” 10% service charge (of 23 PLN). Not so much because I would not want to give the tip but much more because you don’t have a choice as a customer and while this is normal in some countries like the UK, I have never seen it in Poland before.

All in all, if you are in Warsaw, the U Fukiera is defintitely a place you should pay a visit to!


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Restaurant U Fukiera

Rynek Starego Miasta 27

00-271 Warsaw (PL)

Tel.: +48 22 831 10 13

E-Mail: fukier@ufukiera.pl

Homepage: http://ufukiera.pl

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