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29. October 2015: Restaurant JB

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The Restaurant JB was recommended to me as one of the best restaurants in Ljubljana and while I tend to agree to that after having spent four days there, I must say that I had expected a tiny bit more. When you enter the restaurant it really lacks atmosphere. The entrance looks really like the waiting hall of a station or a coffee at a station. Only when you reach the back, it becomes quite atmospheric – the bad thing is that the two parts are not physically separated so you cannot escape the waiting hall atmosphere.

I went for the medium size “tasting menu” (EUR 69.50) which started with grissini …


… and bread …


… to be followed by the amuse bouche “sea bass with potato puree” which was a nice start to activate your palate.


The first official course of the tasting menu was “roasted beetroot with horseradish panna cotta, cream goat’s cheese, beetroot ice cream, beetroot chips and candy beetroot” which was definitely very interesting – especially the beetroot ice cream is something I haven’t quite had – ever. Overall the dish was rather strong in its beetroot taste but lovely nevertheless due to its play with textures and temperatures.


The “barley soup with fresh vegetable” was a hearty, heavy, tasty soup. Almost like a “Bündner Gerstensuppe” but definitely something which warmed you up nicely and was not watery at all but full and rich in flavour.


While the “cooked polenta with cheese sauce, roasted polenta and goose liver” did not really look too appealing it was actually fine. A bit too greasy for my personal gusto but besides that good. Although the goose liver did not have the intense taste I wished it had it was a sound dish.


The next course was my absolute favourite – “yolk fried in homemade cracklings creamed parsnips, lovage”. While it was definitely on the unhealthy side of things the intensity, the flavour, the different textures are just a great combination which makes your taste buds go wild!


The “grape sorbetto” looked quite artificial in colour but was actually quite fine as an interim course.


The “veal cheeks in their own juices with burnt carrots, beans and compressed potato shell” had a nice consistency as the meat basically dissembled when you ate it. The potatoes on the other hand were not really that yummy.


The dessert was rather special – in all senses. The “‘Ljubljana’ cottage cheese pancakes with tarragon” is not exactly what I would call a dessert. I mean, it has a sweet note to it but it was way too cheesy and heavy for my personal gusto.


The “special treats” were a nice finish of the dinner – nothing special but a nice gesture.


While the waiter was very friendly he definitely had a challenge with handling all the tables at the same time. I mean, if you have like 8 tables of which most you can’t see from where you usually stand (at the kitchen entrance) then it would be recommended to maybe hire a second waiter because the waiting time was just largely too long!


What really surprised me is that they offer no “wine pairing” to the “tasting menu”. I mean, if you have a wide variety of different dishes and you think so much about what to put together to provide your guests with the most pleasant experience ever, why don’t you spend a second thought about what to offer them as a wine pairing. However, he managed to serve another glass of wine to each course (Sauvignon Gomila Puklavec, EUR 7.20; Malvazija Eko. Rodica, EUR 7.50; Renski Rizling Sumanjak, EUR 3.75; Steyer Mark Extreme, EUR 5.25; Piemenito rdece Koper, EUR 4.75; TR Traminec izbor idcl, EUR 5.00) and while I was surprised that Slovenia has that many different wines I must say that most of them lack the length and intensity I like about Italian wines.

At least, price wise it is quite decent which is also true for a “double espresso” (EUR 2.30) and “grapa” (EUR 4.50). The food experience at the Restaurant JB definitely belongs to the good ones, no question, with regards to the atmosphere, the service (not bad but not enough waiters) and the wine pairing, there is definitely improvement possible.


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Restaurant JB

Miklošičeva cesta 17

1000 Ljubljana (SL)

Tel.: +386 1 430 70 70

E-Mail: info@jb-slo.com

Homepage: http://www.jb-slo.com

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