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31. October 2015: Restaurant As Aperitivo

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The evening started very promising as when you are seated you immediately receive some bread (so far so standard) as well as vegetable stripes (not so standard) with dip which I consider lovely.


There is a menu which is not on the card – basically the tasting menu (EUR 40.00) is composed every day newly depending what they can buy at the local market. Today it was a “tuna trilogy (tuna in soy sauce, tuna tartare with wasabi, tuna)” and while I was quite skeptic about eating tuna in Slovenia (with regards to taste) I was actually quite positively surprised. The tuna in soy sauce was apparently in the soy sauce for quite same time and when you took a bite, an intense flavor filled your palate. Great start!


The second course was “pasta with cep mushrooms and shrimps” which was definitely better than the pasta I had the day before in Trieste, Italy. And you would think that Italians definitely know how to make pasta. Well, apparently the As Aperitivo knows better. Tasty pasta with one (!) cep mushroom slice – nothing to complain about my second course.


The main course of the night was a “seabass in a salt crust” which was served and prepared at your table …


… and I must admit that it was again very flavorful. I was a bit worried that the fish would not be enough for four people but actually it was absolutely enough. The perfect portion. The fish was juicy and aromatic. The potato cubes were too greasy for my personal gusto and while I definitely liked the fried green vegetable (I can’t recall what it was but that I liked it) it was also too greasy. A pity.


In German there is a saying “the eye eats as well” (basically meaning that if you arrange something nicely on your plate it looks more appetizing) and while they managed to follow that principle throughout the menu with nice decoration and arrangements on the plates, they, unfortunately, failed to do so with the ice cream. The vanilla ice cream was not originally part of the menu but I couldn’t be bother for anything heavier and the ice cream was absolutely fine. Not outstanding but absolutely fine.


The place is rather large and divided in various areas (a lounge and bar area, a restaurant to the front and one in the back). I can recommend you to dine in the one towards the back. It is a bit dark (with regards to direct light) but it is very atmospheric and you feel comfortable immediately. Additionally, the service is very dedicated, attentive, and friendly. And last but not least the head waiter (or maybe even the owner?) personally takes care of you.


Overall, I can absolutely recommend to pay the Restaurant As Aperitivo a visit. The dishes are great, the service is very friendly and swift, the place is atmospheric and the prices are more than fair.


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Restaurant As Aperitivo

Čopova ulica 5a

1000 Ljubljana (SL)

Tel.: +386 1 425 41 68

E-Mail: gostilna.as@siol.net

Homepage: http://www.asaperitivo.com

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