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16. July 2010: Restaurant Wagamama

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The restaurant Wagamama is located in walking distance from the Paradeplatz and the main station Zurich, also the station Selnau is right next to it. The central location and the fact that it is surrounded by a lot of different public transportation nods makes it easy to reach it. In its proximity, there are the Restaurant Churrasco or the Bar @Carlton Hotel.

The restaurant doesn’t look to special from the outside but is somehow inviting as the glass front makes it look modern.

The inside looks a bit better as the interior is entirely held in bright wood and the glass also provides it with a light and nice atmosphere. What is even better though is the little outside patio right next to the river Limmat. Although pedestrians pass by all the time, it’s a really sweet and calm spot which can be difficult to find at times in Zurich.

The view on the river is not too special but it’s quite calming and therefore, really nice.

The waitresses are very friendly and the service is really quick. The waitres had some issues with the ordering system as we’ve apparently been the first customers this day but the problem got fixed within about 5 minutes. The dishes came quite fast after we’ve ordered them.

As a starter, I’ve had a “Duck Gyoza” which basically are samosa with duck on a spicy cherry sauce.

It tasted quite good although the crust was a bit too hard in certain parts of the samosas. As a main dish, I’ve had “Teriyaki Steak Soba” which is a in pieces cut steak on fried noodles. The meat tastes absolutely reliably good, the fried noodles are okay too.

As a desert, I’ve had green tea icecream which was a bit disappointing to me as it didn’t really taste too good (eatable, but no worth ordering it). Also the consistency of the ice cream was somehow not really what one would expect from green tea icecream.

When we’ve ordered the bill, it took them quite some minutes to get it done but this can maybe also be blamed on the fact that we’ve been paying a part of the food with a coupon (from DeinDeal.ch). What must be said towards the end, the place is quite expensive for what you get, although the place is nice, the service is good and the food is okay, it must be said that alsmost CHF 35.00 for the main dish is a bit over the top. Still, with a Coupon or the like, the prices are okay.

All in all, the Wagamama is a good restaurant for a small lunch which is also fine in price and service. It’s a bit expensive but otherwise really okay.


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Restaurant Wagamama

Talstrasse 83


8001 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 43 888 64 54



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