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Simple breakfast selection: Restaurante Passeio da Vitória @ Sheraton de Bahia (30. January 2016)

| March 28, 2016 | 0 Comments

The breakfast buffet at the Passeio da Vitória restaurant offers everything you would want ranging from yogurt, fruit salad, …


… to cold cuts and cheeses …


… a variety of fresh fruit …


… even vegetables in all forms and colours …


… as well as a variety of different breads ranging from savoury to sweet …


… more fruit …


… and more bread …


… and these little Brazilian cheese balls which are somehow simple in taste but still very yummy. The only bad thing is that they are always a bit cold so the cheese is only to some degree liquid which is a pity.


The selection of warm dishes is rather limited on the other hand but at least they offer two good types of sausages which makes the start into the day a pleasant one. When it comes to the waiters there is definitely room for improvement. One thing is language – English is definitely not their strongest point. And I wonder, if you really do not speak English, Spanish, Italian, French so you could potentially derive what they say in Portuguese: how do you communicate with them?


The speed is the second thing which could be increased. I ordered a “Latte Macchiatto” which they do not have. And I was just brought coffee with milk on the side. It does the trick but then one should be informed that the requested beverage is not available. Additionally, I ordered a ham and cheese omelet – and while the order was executed properly, the waiter seemed to have forgotten the omelet as when it was served, it was almost cold.


Overall, the Passeio da Vitória is a fine place to enjoy breakfast while you are staying at the Sheraton de Bahia, however, if you are not, I would personally not recommend you to have breakfast here.


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Restaurante Passeio da Vitória @ Sheraton de Bahia

Avenida Sete de Setembro 1537

40080-001 Salvador (BR)

Tel.: +55 71 30 21 67 00

Fax: +55 71 30 21 67 05

E-Mail: reservas@sheratondabahia.com

Homepage: http://www.sheratondabahia.com

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