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Very traditional Brazilian cuisine on a lovely island: Restaurant Tinharé (31. January 2016)

| April 1, 2016

If you make a day trip to Morro de São Paulo, you will find a lot of restaurants which are very touristic and a surprisingly high amount of Italian restaurants. As I was more into eating something local, I decided to go to the Restaurant Tinharé which is not so accessible from the main street but you have to go down some stairs to actually find it.


The place is super simple but that is definitely made up for by the friendliness of the waiter who did a great job at giving his best to explain the menu, to make sure we would not order to much (the portions are quite big) and generally served us rather quickly.

I decided to go for the “Moqueca de Camarão Rosacom Feijão, Arroz, Salada” (35.00 BRL) which is basically one huge pot of stuff with prawns. And it was lovely!


The sides you get range from rice to salad and to something like polenta which was incredibly tasty! It does not look too tasty, admittedly, but the consistency and flavour are amazing.


The beans are hidden in the “bean soup” but add well to the rice and the prawn stew. Definitely a simple but very lovely dish and for the price there is absolutely nothing to complain. The portion is definitely enough and considering the price I would have ordered something else to make sure I have eaten enough – that was definitely not necessary!


Overall, the Restaurant Tinharé is worth a visit as you get good local food for an extremely good price with friendly service. It is not the place to go to if you want a great atmosphere but besides that, absolutely worth visiting. In addition to the regular beverages (i.e. Aqua com Gas, 4.50 BRL) they offer a nice selection of different juices. I decided to have a “Cupuaçu Juice” (7.00 BRL) again having no clue what kind of fruit Cupuaçu was. The taste is rather particular, somehow sweet, somehow like coffee, somehow like tobacco. Definitely an interesting flavour but nothing I would go for so soon again.


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Restaurant Tinharé

Rúa Caminho da Praia

Morro de São Paulo (BR)

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