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Overprized hotel and average breakfast: Restaurant Red @ Hotel 7132 (28. February 2016)

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When you stay at the Hotel 7132, you will end up paying around CHF 400.00 for a room – and then you will have to pay another CHF 30.00 for the breakfast. The price for the breakfast is fine but that you are charged an additional CHF 30.00 per person when the room is rather small and not really that amazing is kind of a lot. However, the breakfast buffet is not only arranged lovely …


… but you will also find something of everything. The salmon was incredibly tasty – probably the best salmon I have had in a couple of years.


The selection of different cheeses is lovely and especially the creamy white one is outstanding.


The selection of meats is fine but I was hoping for a bit more to be entirely transparent.


If you are into sweets, then you will find tiny pancakes and the respective toppings …


… as well as an amazing selection of fresh tea you can prepare yourself.


What I liked the most was the fact that you could arrange your muesli and you would even use the “muesli grinder” to really freshly prepare the spelt flakes. Something I haven’t seen before, I must say. And it tastes great – and feels so much healthier.


While the restaurant is quite red – as the name suggests – it has a comfortable atmosphere and you can easily spend an hour or more there. However, the service is not really up to the task. First, no waiter showing up to take an order, then a spilled Latte Macchiatto (the aftermaths handled professionally, admittedly), and finally nobody felt like it was a good idea to take the 20 empty small plates from the tables. Only when the table next to us was empty and I had put everything empty on the other table, finally someone decided to empty the table. Frankly, service was not satisfactory, friendly, yes, but not satisfactory. Else, the breakfast is fine.


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Restaurant Red @ Hotel 7132

7132 Vals (CH)

Tel.: +41 58 713 20 00

E-Mail: hotel@7132.com

Homepage: http://7132.com

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