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Tasty breakfast with caring service: Restaurant Mezzo @ Hyatt Regency Baku (25. March 2016)

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I was a bit skeptical when it comes to the breakfast at the Mezzo restaurant but I must admit that I was – in the end – positively surprised. The staff is incredibly caring – actually way beyond expectation. There are like four to five waiters while there is approximately the same number of guests making the “care ratio” quite perfect. Frankly though, it can even be a bit too much sometimes if every three minutes a waiter shows up to ask if you are okay and need more orange juice. It is meant well but they are overdoing it a bit.


The selection of the dishes is rather standard but of good quality – you get vegetables (quite a nice selection) as well as cold cuts and salmon (a rather limited selection) …


… and a really amazing selection of different cereals, nuts, raisins and fresh fruit. If you are into cereals for a start, you definitely are satisfied with the selection provided at the Mezzo.


What I always like a lot is the “honey comb” right from the bee hive – or at least sold like that. While it seems to be rather standard in the Middle East and partially Asia, this is something you rarely find in Europe.


The bread selection is fine too – you get everything you need.


When it comes to the hot dishes, the selection is not entirely satisfying (at least to me) but it is compensated for by the hot dishes kitchen where you can get various egg dishes, pancakes as well as waffles. Not that I like any of the latter but the omelets are absolutely good.


The atmosphere of the restaurant is nice, especially if you manage to get a table by the window (not so tricky as there are not too many guests) as then you get the feeling of sitting outside in the patio. Something which truly confused me though was the question if I wanted to be seated in the “smoking” or the “non-smoking” area. Well, the funny thing is, the restaurant is not really “divided”, at least not visibly. Yes, there is a difference in the sense that to the right there is the non-smoking area, to the left is the smoking area. You don’t smell the smoke in the non-smoking area, so the concept works but it is still rather confusing.


Overall, the breakfast selection at the Restaurant Mezzo is absolutely fine – it is rare that I say that but a bit less service wouldn’t harm. Else, absolutely satisfying.


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Contact Details:

Restaurant Mezzo @ Hyatt Regency Baku

Izmir Street 1033

1065 Baku (AZ)

Tel.: +994 12 490 12 34

Fax: +994 12 490 12 35

E-Mail: mezzo.baku@hyatt.com

Homepage: http://baku.regency.hyatt.com

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