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Tea? Tea? Just Tea! Well, tea it is then! Ailevi Chay Evi (26. March 2016)

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You can really feel and see at all places that Baku is not yet fully developed when it comes to tourism. While the seaside boulevard is a lovely place to walk and enjoy yourselves, there are not too many cafés, and once you finally encounter one, you realize the real struggle: English is a language unspoken. The idea was to actually eat something small before dinner which turned out to be impossible. Asking for a menu we were asked “Tea?”. Well, yeah, tea is fine but I would like to eat something. So the guy repeated “tea?”. Well, tea it is then!


The tea was aromatic and you would get like 10 of these small glasses out of that pot so you’d feel like there is tea and tea and tea.


Luckily, they served a little something with the tea but most of it was just confusing. Jam – blueberry jam. I mean, jam is lovely but why serving it with tea? We were wondering if you put it in the tea? But couldn’t see anybody doing that. And then we were wondering why we got a Snickers – and not only a Snickers but one where the packaging was already damaged. Well, weird, definitely weird. The rest (nuts, dried fruit and candy) was actually fine and due to lack of possibilities we ended up emptying the plate (besides the Snickers).


Overall, the Ailevi Chay Evi is a nice café to sit outside close to the seaside boulevard and enjoying the view and watch the people pass by. However, if it comes to service, there should one major improvement be made: learn English if you want to prosper from tourism!


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